Facebook 20 Rule Checker

Facebook 20 Rule Checker Facebook contests/sweepstakes grow off of marketing and promoting to reach the biggest audience. The majority of Facebook advertisements can be found in the type of Sponsored Stories or Promoted Posts, those coincidentally appropriate posts users see in their newsfeed. Now, obviously, there are guidelines for publishing these kinds of advertisements on Facebook. Here's a rundown of one of the most standard guidelines relating to Facebook Advertisements.

Remember These General Rules for Facebook Advertisements:

  • Advertisements can not resolve specific political or sexual problems or problems that individuals might be delicate to
  • Advertisements can not be utilized to terrify or shock audience
  • Advertisements can not have images that are raunchy or reveals extreme skin/unnecessary body parts.
  • Advertisements can not have images that reveal non-active video repeat or exit buttons
  • Advertisements can not have QR codes, or Facebook branded icons or logo designs without its approval
  • Advertisements should have proper images for advertisements targeted to users listed below 18.

The Facebook 20% Text Guideline:

Above all these guidelines for Facebook advertisements lies the 20% text guideline. In extremely basic guidelines, any image utilized as a Facebook might not include more than 20% text. Nevertheless, it gets difficult when items are included. For instance, if an item consists of text on the product packaging, such as the Pepsi can below, then that text does not count towards the 20% guideline.

This likewise uses to a photographed background that initially has some branding or logo design on it, as the case with the Red Bull and Swatches advertisement listed below. Another sort of text uses to the 20% guideline, consisting of text and logo designs that were not initially part of the image. Have a look at some visuals listed below to clarify any confusions you might have!
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Does not Count towards 20% Guideline

Facebook 20 Rule Checker

So, what does it cost? Is 20%?

The most frequently utilized approach to examine this guideline is by dividing your image into grids and counting the variety of grids are highlighted by text. If its more than 20% of the overall variety of grids, then Facebook will not authorize your advertisement. Now, you're most likely believing: Do I need to divide my image up into grids?

Thankfully, our image checker tool does it right for you! All you need to do is click the variety of boxes with text and our tool well inform you whether your advertisement falls within the 20% variety. Here are some examples listed below:

Facebook 20 Rule Checker

Tips & Tricks:

  • The larger the typeface size of your advertisement's copy, the more it will use up 20%.
  • Make copy typeface size little if you have to fit more words into your advertisement.
  • Utilizing images with very little text makes your advertisement more interesting for your audience. Place copy that is needed for your messaging/branding and prevents careless word discarding.
  • Integrating products/branding into images that reveal reality scenes/human interactions makes your advertisement more appealing and artistically does not count to the 20% guideline.
  • Always remember to bookmark our image checker tool!

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