Does Facebook Own Instagram?

Does Facebook own Instagram? Facebook today revealed it is getting Instagram (and its 13 staff members) for around $1 billion in money and stock. Naturally, two months after a report recommended the Facebook image sharing app for iPhone had been eliminated and a year after Facebook attempted getting Instagram the very first time. This is a big acquisition for Menlo Park, not just because Instagram is being kept as a different entity, however, because this is Facebook's greatest acquisition to this day.

Does Facebook Own Instagram

So, how does this purchase make good sense? After all, the purchase was 27 percent of Facebook's profits in 2011, and Instagram does not have a company design. The statement brings more concerns than responses. However, I believe I have a concept where this purchase is originating from. Keep something in mind as you check out: Facebook sees 250 million pictures submitted daily.

First of all, some have hypothesized that this has to do with patents, particularly so Facebook can launch even more assault Yahoo's Flickr department. The issue with this argument is that Instagram has no patents. Even if Instagram files and is approved gets some, it will likely be far too late: Facebook and Yahoo will have currently settled.

Since my last count, Facebook has 812 patents. It purchased the majority of them from IBM. Keep in mind: you go to old big business for patents, not brand-new start-ups.

Second, of all, some state Facebook purchased Instagram for its users. Instagram has more than 30 million accounts on the iPhone, since April 2012. Even if you include the 1 million brand-new users when the Android app released, this is absolutely nothing.

Facebook is substantial. The social media has more than 845 million month-to-month active users and over 432 million regular monthly mobile users since December 31, 2012.
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Finally, some have argued Facebook is currently strong in mobile, so there is no need to trouble with Instagram. Facebook just has such a strong mobile following since the business's desktop service is so popular. The social networking giant has a lot to find out about the post-PC world, and something informs me Instagram staff members will be aiding with that. Facebook states it wishes to be a mobile business, and obtaining an extremely useful mobile app will assist.

In other words, Facebook didn't purchase Instagram to eliminate it, to increase its variety of users, nor for patients. Facebook bought Instagram because the business wishes to press forward in mobile. I'm not the just who believes this; my associate Ricardo Bilton concurs (see Facebook purchases Instagram: It's not about the pictures or filters).

At the end of the day, Facebook is everything about sharing images. Instagram is everything about sharing free pictures. Keeping that in mind, the acquisition, in fact, makes good sense: Facebook today acknowledged Instagram does a much better task with free pictures than the social networking giant might ever do. So that's the primary factor for the purchase: Facebook just didn't desire Instagram as a social rival any longer.

You can check out the acquisition statement at three various locations: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg's Timeline, and on Instagram.

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