Can't Add Friend On Facebook

This is the current time issue dealt with by a great deal of Facebook users because of Facebook personal privacy policies. Numerous users are suffering a lot and can't add friend on Facebook since of this concern by Facebook.

Most likely, there is 2 factor for why Facebook prohibited you for including pals
can't add friend on facebook

  1. Including buddies virally or Mass follow of buddies.
  2. Having Lots of buddy Demand.

Ways to Un-Lock the RESTRICTION?

  • Do not include more good friends within a particular period. Including 50 or 60 pals within an hour will cause these sort of issue.

  • Having a lot of Pending pals demand and aiming to include more real friends will not be allowed by Facebook personal privacy policies. So erase the pending good friend's request from your profile.

The best ways to Erase Good friend Demand?

1. Go to > Accounts > Edit Buddies.

how to add a friend on facebook when there is no button
Check This Out:
2. Can u able to see "Facebook demand pending" [circled] in the image, simply erase then by clicking the "cross" button shown by an arrow.

add friend button missing

After doing the important things, I have stated here, wait on some days to make Facebook launch the RESTRICTION. Do not duplicate the very same things once again and once again if you do so Facebook enjoys to PROHIBIT your account entirely.

Hope that this Short article by my site will assist you to obtain rid of this concern.