Why can't I get on Facebook

This time I will discuss why can't I get on facebook, for those of you who are experiencing this problem, please refer to the article below.

You can access your Facebook account with your telephone number or e-mail address and a password.

Typically, when individuals have a problem visiting, it is because of a typo. So inspect your spelling!
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In other cases, follow the guidelines listed below in order to recover your account and reconnect with your loved ones:

1. On your preferred web browser, open Facebook.com.

2. On the Facebook's homepage, enter your information and click the Log In button.

3. On the Login page that appears, under the Facebook Login area, if the alert message triggers Incorrect Email, check your e-mail address or you might likewise enter you are signing up a mobile number with the right password and struck Go into to log in to your account.

why can't i get on facebook

4. On the next page, if the alert message triggers to re-enter your password, input the proper password or click Demand a brand-new one.

i cant access my facebook account

5. On the Reset, your password page, choose any proper approach for resetting your password. (Utilize my Google account is picked for this presentation) and click the Continue button.

i cant login my facebook account

6. On the How Can We Reach You page, enter your e-mail address and click Continue.

why can't i get on facebook today

7. On the Response Your Security Concern page, respond to the concern that you have actually offered while establishing your Facebook account.

8. When done, click Continue.

can't get facebook to load

9. On the Pick, a brand-new password page, develop a brand-new password (attempt picking a strong one) and click Continue.
why can't i get on facebook on my phone

10. Now from the Please inspect your e-mail page, go to your e-mail address and recuperate your account from the link offered in the e-mail gotten from Facebook.
Why can't I open the Facebook app

11. On the Facebook login page that opens, login utilizing your brand-new password.

Hopefully the discussion above about why can't i get on facebook could be useful for you.