Whats WCW Mean On Facebook

Some Facebook users were questioning exactly whats WCW mean on facebook indicated when the hashtag started to trend on the social networks website. "WCW" means "Lady Crush Wednesday," which is when users share photos of girls that they discover appealing or admire.

whats wcw mean on facebook

Both male and female Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr users take part in the weekly pattern, which is most constantly seen on a Wednesday-- where among the Ws originates from. It resembles a tiny social networks vacation where everybody takes part in sharing an image of their preferred woman or "woman crush."
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It might be a well-known celeb like Jennifer Lawrence, and even somebody's love interest. It's an excellent way to acknowledge an essential individual in somebody's life, or simply provide some insight into who somebody discovers appealing.

However, the pattern isn't really simply restricted to individuals. There are some who share the image of the Starbucks mermaid and others who satirize the tiny vacation by sharing images of the Statue of Liberty or perhaps Justin Bieber.

Whats WCW mean on facebook? WCW is simply another method to obtain individuals thrilled about logging onto their social networks account, and it's likewise great for individuals who aren't sure exactly what to share. If there's a pattern going on, then they can quickly determine exactly what to publish rather of needing to create something obtuse.