What to Do When Your Facebook Has Been Hacked

Currently, many crimes occur on the internet, especially in social media like Facebook. With the many cases of these crimes then we should be more careful when browsing in cyberspace.

Cases that usually happens is the large number of fraud cases. Typically, they use a fake account or using the original Facebook account from someone who had their hack. Maybe you have experienced, or know about it from a friend.

But what if your Facebook account hacked? Surely you can't dwell just answer your Facebook account used to make the crimes because it could get you accused of the crimes.

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Therefore, in my post this time I want to give some tutorials and tips that you can do when your Facebook account hacked. The following the steps:

1. Restore your Facebook account with the method forgot password

This way you can do when your Facebook account hacked by others so you can't log in with your Facebook account but the email address you use to log in you can still access it. The following the steps:

1. The first step that you do that go to the Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/.

2. After that click "Forgotten your account?"

3. In the next window, enter the email address from your Facebook account.

4. Then click "Search"

5. Click on "This is my account" on your Facebook account.

6. After that on the next window click the "Email me a link to reset my password"

7. And click "Continue"

8. The next step, open email at the email address you use to log in to your Facebook account.

9. Open the emails sent by Facebook, look at the code that is in the email.

10. Enter that code in a field that is already provided

11. Then, click "Continue"

12. Then you will be taken to the next window, please create a new password and enter it in the "New password"

13. Then, click "Continue"

Now you can access your facebook account hacked by someone else. Go to the next tip ...

2. Report your account has been hacked

You can use the facilities from facebook if your facebook account is hacked. The trick is as follows:

1. Visit this site http://www.facebook.com/hacked/

2. After that, click "My Account Is Compromised".

3. Then enter your email address, username, or a cell phone number that you use to log in.

4. After that, enter the password of your Facebook account.

The next step is almost similar to the points 1.

3. Contact your friends

You can tell all your friends that your Facebook account hacked. So when your Facebook account that has hacked sent something to your friends, your friends won't believe if it was you who sent by you because you already tell your friends.

4. Remove the access application is not required

Facebook provides an API that allows other applications to access your account. Of course, because it is using OAuth, access rights each application, there are in the hands of you. Because sometimes there are applications that are deliberately made to hijack your account, immediately remove Your access applications that do not require through Account Settings > Apps. You can see the level of access each of your third-party applications.

That's a couple of ways that you can use when your Facebook account hacked other people. Hope the above tips and tutorials can help you. Thank you.