How to Take a Poll on Facebook

Currently, many various polls have sprung up in cyberspace, particularly in social networking Facebook. Generally in this poll are made about the general election, the presidential election, the election of the head of the Region and others.

The benefits of this poll are really quite large, we so know what is desired by people associated with the choice. If other people can create polls about the election, why don't we harness and try making your own poll about anything else, let's say about products goods, food, tourist attractions, schools, hobbies, etc.

How to create a poll on Facebook is actually very easy, without having to use special applications which are usually made by a third party, let alone these applications sometimes rather confusing and time-consuming which is long enough.

For those of you who like to create polls, but don't want a headache to wear all kinds of third-party applications, you better use the simple way are in fact already provided by Facebook.

If you don't want to bother with all kinds of third-party applications, you can take advantage of features provided by Facebook. See Ask a Question that is located above the box to write a new status.

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This poll you can make on the wall and the group or page that you created on Facebook. But remember, don't create a poll on your friend's wall, because it is not ethical and it looks confusing aliases are not right on target. Later, after you create a Poll on the wall, group or page, then your friends can already see the polls and they can give you feedback and provide answers.

How to Make a Poll on Facebook

First, you must  log into your Facebook account, next if you want to Polling appear in the page group, then log in to the group page.

Second, click on the "Ask Question" located above the box to write a new status. After you find it, directly enter the question with the title of the poll who want to make. Next, to type the answer option you want.

Third, when you want to give or remove the check mark on: "Allow anyone to add options", which means that if you select means other users can add the answer yourself. This one is all up to you whether you want to give or remove the check mark.

But if you want to create polls on your Facebook timeline, then you should follow the steps below. This is because Facebook does not provide options or features to create polls on a timeline.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook

1. Please log in to your Facebook account.

3. Create a title for the poll in the column "Poll Tittle"

4. Select the language for the poll in the column "Poll Language"

5. Click on "Next: Questions".

6. In the next section, click the "Add question"

7. It will pop up pop ups, please set as you want and click "Save"

8. After that, your question will be shown, then please click "Next: Share" to get a link share.

Then the display will appear as shown below.

9. Please copy the "Share URL" and paste on your Facebook timeline. Then when your Facebook friends click the link it then they can respond to your questions.

Hopefully this tutorial will help you and hopefully could be your reference materials. Thank you.