How to Report a Scammer on Facebook

Social media is often used to perform criminal acts to the detriment of others. Many kinds of actions people do to harm others. One of them do is fraud.

Even many social media users, particularly Facebook users duped by fake accounts. This certainly makes us have to be more careful when using social media. Moreover, in an era like this many people frequently conduct transactions online.

This certainly exploited by people who were not responsible for a profit by deceiving others. Usually, that often occurs is the case of the online shop. What is currently ahead of the elections to the region, more the fake accounts that sprung up to spread the hoax and bully someone.

For it was on this occasion, I would like to share tips so that you don't get fooled when using Facebook and reporting the scammers on Facebook. Following the steps, you can do.
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How to Report a Facebook Scam

1. The first step you have to do is log in to your Facebook account.

2. After that, go to a fake Facebook account profile or fraudsters.

3. After that click the three dots "..." which there is a lower right corner of the cover photo of the fake account profile. For more details please see the image below.

4. Some will appear in the drop down menu. Select it and click the "Report".

5. On the next window, select "Report this profile" and then click Continue.

6. On the next window, select "This is a fake account", then click Continue.

7. On the next window, select "Submit to Facebook for Review".

8. After that click "Done"

The process of how to report a fake account on Facebook is done. You just wait for it. Typically, in a matter of a few minutes, the account was deleted by Facebook.

Hopefully this review could be useful for you and hopefully can be your reference materials. Good luck!