How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

I asked a group of coaches the top thing they had the problem with on Facebook-- can you think the most typical response? how to promote your business on facebook.

how to promote your business on facebook

Due to the fact that it feels 'disgusting' or you have actually seen individuals do it terribly and it turned you off. Or you simply have no concept ways to do it with dignity.

However, here's the important things: we been around. As soon as, and sometimes, we have to make the ask every. Individuals have to understand how they can deal with us. And, I make certain you have actually heard this one in the past-- however, it bears duplicating-- if your services assist individuals (and I understand they do!!), then you are really doing your individuals an injustice by not proactively using them up.

There are definitely methods to promote yourself without feeling disgusting and like you are a frustrating "if you purchase in the next 5 minutes" commercial.


We discussed this in my Facebook Page list post last month (and you can get the complete 4 pillars training in my bio listed below) however, a well-rounded Facebook existence consists of material from all 4 pillars: Destination, Education, Engagement, and Marketing. Individuals are not on social networks to be offered to and the very first 3 pillars are exactly what Gary Vaynerchuk categories as 'Jabs' in his fantastic social networks handbook Jab Right Hook:

" Without an appropriate mix of jabs to direct your client-- I suggest, your challenge-- best where you desire him, your right hook might be best and your challenger might still evade it as quickly as a piece of dandelion fluff. Precede that completely carried out the best hook with a mix of targeted, tactical jabs, nevertheless, and you will hardly ever miss out on."

Supply motivation & home entertainment, curate the very best resources from throughout your market and truly SPEAK TO your audience, and you'll be constructing a devoted audience who is all set for your 'Right Hooks' (marketing posts).


Seriously. I understand I have actually called it 'Marketing' material, however it should not seem like an Advertisement, despite the fact that it does have to make a clear ask.

I think it is necessary to put as much (or even better MORE) believed into your Marketing material as you would for any of the other pillars. Make it fascinating, beneficial, amusing, of the greatest quality and with a clear call to action. You are requesting for something, however it should not feel bothersome or like it's disrupting your fans Facebook experience.

And think exactly what? This generally suggests fantastic 'Marketing' posts have a component of one (or more!) of the other 3 non-promotional pillars. Here are 4 wonderful examples of this:
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Destination + Marketing

how to promote facebook business page for free

Not just is this a terrific method to request newsletter sign-ups, these Truthbombs work double responsibility for Danielle LaPorte due to the fact that they get shared a lot they are likewise excellent Destination material.

Education + Marketing.

how to promote business on facebook for free

These Daily Journal Video Tips by stylist Nicole Longstreath provide strong academic material (by addressing concerns her perfect customers are asking) while likewise naturally promoting her services and her complimentary opt-in.

Engagement + Marketing.

how to promote business page on facebook

This is a definitely fantastic piece of Marketing material from Pat Flynn is asking his fans to elect his podcast. And he did this for 2 weeks-- each day ballot was open. Not really charming + bothersome peeps into his everyday life. (I want to wager this method netted him a lot of votes-- definitely more than simply "another tip to choose the SPI podcast".).

Education + Engagement + Marketing.

How to Promote your Small Business on Facebook

Marketing material does not have to be elegant! In this plain-text post, Leonie Dawson shares a valuable, academic suggestion on handling the social networks time suck, asks her audience to share their greatest biz time draw AND insinuates a connect to her Double your Biz program.

Do any of these examples make you feel nasty or like you are being "offered" to? I'm going to head out a limb (not true) and state NOPE! Not even a bit.

( PS: I understand we were specifically discussing Facebook here, however, these principles use to ANY social media.).


Pick something you wish how to promote your business on facebook. Consider it through the lens of either Education, engagement or destination material and draft a post to share on your Facebook Page.