How to Make a Picture Collage on Facebook

I'm sure you loyal users of Facebook and of course you have a great photo that you uploaded to your Facebook account. Especially if you like selfie, of course, many photos that you upload and share on Facebook.

Even sometimes you upload lots of photos on Facebook and make an album there, so that you and many other users can see the photos that you upload. But with the large number of photos in the photo album in your Facebook account will look boring if look, no interesting things. For it so that the photo on Facebook you more exciting you can make it a photo collage.

What is a collage?

Just info, collage is a term in the world of photography to combine two or more images into a single fruit where the pictures will look for mutual overlap.

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So, on this occasion I will give you a tutorial about how to make a collage of pictures on Facebook. How to make a photo collage is an application with a Loupe Collage. For that, please refer to the steps below.

How to Make a Photo Collage on Facebook

  • The first step is to sign in to sites Loupe Collage. Then to start making the collage, click on the button "Add Photos"

photo collage on facebook

  • Then You need to connect the Lope Collage with your Facebook account. For that, click on the button "Connect with Facebook"

how do you make a collage on facebook

  • Then a pop-up will appear like the image below, please enter the email address or mobile phone number and password. To start connecting with your Facebook account, click on "Log In"

how to make collage on facebook

  • After a successful, now you click on the photo that would like to put a photo collage. You can choose the source image on the menu "Choose photos from". If you want to see the profile photos of all friends on FB you, then select "You" and click the folder "Friends"

how to make a collage for facebook

  • After that please select one by one friends' photos who wanted to put a collage, and click the "Done" button when done.

how to make a photo collage on facebook

  • Up here you can already see the results of a collage of photos of the last selected. Shape collage is available in a wide variety of love, animals, etc. Please select the form you want at the above.

how to make a picture collage on facebook

  • If photos have not been liking, you can shift and draw the position of each photo. To the left of the page there is also a toolbar that functions to add photos, provide the background, border, etc.

how to make a collage of pictures on facebook

  • If that is done, you can save it by clicking the "Save" button, then enter a title and description of the photo, and click the button "Save" again.

facebook collage feature
  • Until here, any photo collage is ready for download. Click the button "Download" and select "low resolution" (free for members) to store the photo collage to your computer.

As a side note, for a member free indeed only possible choice of low image resolution, namely approximately 775 × 720 PX but the resolution was too low for the photo collage.

Hopefully this article was helpful for you.