How to Make a Facebook Page for a Business

As the number one social media today, Facebook will greatly help you in business promotion activities because of the magnitude of the user base. Facebook Fanpage or often shortened to Facebook Page has been one of the facilities that you can use to increase your online presence business for free.

how to make a facebook business page

Have a Facebook Fanpage like becoming a liability for you as a businessman, especially in online business. In this article, I will briefly explain how to make a business page on facebook.

How to Make a Facebook Business Page

First, log into your Facebook account, then go to page "create a business page on Facebook":

On this page, you will be prompted to specify the business classification. Please select one of the classification to continue. Make sure you choose the right classification because it will help you in the search ranking of your fanpage that is relevant on Facebook. Next, enter your business name and check the box "I agree to Facebook page terms" and click "Get Started" button.

Fill business information on Facebook Page

create a business page on facebook

Now, you are ready to fill out the information for your Facebook Fan page business. First, you will be prompted to insert the picture as a profile picture. Use a good quality picture so that it looks professional Fan page because this image will represent your business. The recommended image size is 180 × 180 pixels.

Furthermore, the fill the page "About" for your business Fan page; Write a brief description of the business. Use 2 or 3 short sentences, and then include a link to the website you also.

Access Admin Panel

creating a business facebook page

In the Admin Panel, you can make the necessary adjustments to your Fan page. One is the option to edit "About", manage administrator roles and notification settings. Through this panel, you can add administrators to the Fan page so that later you can have helped others to manage the business Fan page.

Next, you can invite people from the list of FB friends to "like" your Fan page. But the better you do it after Fan page has content and a good look and fit you desire. Just like the website, Fanpage, empty of course interesting and thus not even make people become uninterested for a return visit in the future.

How to fill out the content of a Facebook Page? The image is the content most interesting and has value shareability. Post a number of images that are relevant to business, coupled with the sentences draw interest to invite others for sharing.

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Now that is how to make a facebook page for a business. Do you want to share the experience of creating a Facebook Page?