How to Do Live Chat on Facebook

As we know Facebook is a social media site that has the most users. You can access them either through the web or application.

With the digital age like today, many people do activities in the world of internet and social media is one of them. Social networking is now a favorite entertainment for some people to fill his days with socializing with many people in many different places.

You can also receive the latest news from other facebook users. Even the current facebook social networks are often used to communicate with family, friends, co-workers, etc. You don't need to SMS because now more practical use facebook.

With the chat in facebook makes you more enjoy chatting with your friends even you can chat with more than one person.

Surely the features "Live Chat on Facebook" is spoiling its users. Perhaps for most facebook users, this feature is already heavily used and is nothing new. But for most new users of this feature yet they understand well.

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To that end, I will guide you how to use the Live Chat feature on facebook. Following are the steps that you can use.

How to Use Live Chat on Facebook

1. Visit facebook site

2. After that, go to your facebook account.

3. Next on your facebook home page, look at the lower right corner of the screen like the image below.

4. You will see your friends on facebook who are online, usually, there will be a small round green sign. Please choose with whom you want to chat.

5. Click the name of a facebook account that you want to chat with him.

6. After that it will pop up a chat form, please typing the message you want to send to your friends on the column as shown below

7. After you create a message, then to send the message by press "ENTER" on the keyboard on your PC.

The following examples of messages you send to your friends to start chatting.

In addition to the above, you can also chat with some friends in one time on facebook. The following the steps:

How to add many friends in chat on facebook

1. The first step, open your Facebook account. Before you start doing a chat with a lot of people, you have to initiate the chat with one person of your friend , who used to invite other friends.

2. After that, click on "Settings" or the gear icon, then select "Add Friends to Chat..." menu.

3. Enter your friend's list who you want to invite to the chat, do the numbers themselves are not limited. If you have already click "Done".

4. If successful, the new tab will appear and the number of friends that you invite. There, you can chat to do with many friends at once.

5. To be able to add the friend's list, you can use the plus icon or "Add more friend to chat".

Very easy, right? If you feel difficulty to be able to live chat with a friend or several friends at once, now you can do it quickly and easily on each Facebook account you use.