How to Broadcast Live on Facebook

New Facebook feature that is live streaming video or broadcast live, can now be used by all Facebook users. Previously, this new feature can be used by the celebrities who already get sign checklist from Facebook. One who often do a broadcast live or live streaming video of Facebook this is Slank Band from Indonesia.

The Facebook live streaming feature is very easy to use by the users of Facebook, especially for those who are familiar with the Periscope. But don't expect to be too much of an audience in a short time to live stream on Facebook.
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How to live stream on Facebook

  1. Facebook video streaming icon located next to the "Check In" icon. For You who have yet to post the latest status, see this message floats above the icon: "new! Record and share videos instantly ".
  2. Then, select the icon and give it permission to access the camera and microphone on Facebook.
  3. Tap "continue" Add the description about your broadcast and select "Go Live" when you're ready. On the same screen, select privacy settings, whether you want to share with the public or just the friends.
  4. During the broadcast progresses, you will see how many viewers you have and can respond to comments directly. You can also hide the comment or change cameras front and back of your phone.
  5. End the broadcast You when you've finished selecting "Stop". Videos are automatically stored on your Facebook Page, for the fans so that you can return the watchable. However, you can remove it at any time, just as the other postings.
As a side note, if you do this live streaming with the back camera, you can use either landscape or portrait mode. If doing the shooting in portrait mode, comment directly to Facebook will appear beneath the video that has been broadcast. While in landscape mode, the comment will appear on the right side of the video.

In addition, the network connection must be in good condition. In fact, it is advisable to do so using WiFi. Unfortunately, Live streaming video of Facebook is not like Periscope, which is posting a notice to all Twitter followers that you are doing a live broadcast. Live video Facebook no notifications. So it's good you announced earlier by another post when plans for a live broadcast.