How to Become Verified on Facebook

If you are a loyal user of Facebook and became a follower of celebrity favorite, product brand, and the community, which might bother you is to find an official fan page of that category. Facebook Fan Page has provided a real boost to the social networking site where almost anybody can make a fan page fans, making it difficult for users to identify the original fan page. To counter this problem, Facebook has been presented with a new strategy to help the user identify an authentic account to avoid becoming the victim of a fake fan page.

How to Get A Verified Facebook Page or Profile

Okay, if you use Facebook as a means for selling online, will certainly use Facebook fan page. Well, to add to the level of consumer confidence, the status of verified on a fan page that is very important. Because consumers will be increasingly confident that we actually sell and not deceptive. However, in online shopping, consumers still feel misgivings because of the fear of deceived.

Anda ingin mendapatkan verified dari facebook namun anda tidak tahu cara mendapatkan verified dari facebook. Maka dari itu, saya akan memandu anda untuk mendapatkan status verified dari facebook. Berikut langkah-langkah yang bisa anda lakukan untuk mendapatkan verified dari facebook.

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How to Get Verified on Facebook

1. Go to the Fanpage will you verify, then open the settings menu.

how to get facebook verified badge

If the current page Settings are opened there is a menu of "Page Verification" and then on the affidavits "Page is not verified" hence the Fanpage verification process could proceed to click the "Edit" button next to it.

facebook page verification trick

But, if there is no menu "Page Verification" as in the picture above, it means that you can't verify fan page. The cause cannot be verified Fanpage is because of a few things as follows:

  • There is no contact number
  • There are a number of contacts, but often replace
  • You're not lucky...:p

2. Next, the second step. After you click "Edit", a new button will appear which is "Verify this Page" direct click "Verify this Page"

facebook page verification link

3. A new Pop-Up window will appear.

how to verify facebook profile with blue check mark

On the Pop Up as above, click the "Get Started"

facebook page verification form

4. If your Fan page is set up from the beginning there are contact number, then automatic in the phone number column will appear your phone numbers.

If it does not exist, can be added by yourself. Then click the "Call Me Now"

facebook page verification request

5. Ago from Facebook will call you to provide the verification code in the form of 4 digit numbers you have to enter the code in the column at the pop up after the click the "Call Me Now"

How to get a verified profile or page on Facebook

6. After entering the verification code, click "Continue" and the verification process will arrive at the stage Fanpage review by Facebook.

It's time we wait, whether successful or not.

How To Get Your Facebook Page Verified with Blue Badge
If successful, I congratulate, it means the tutorial how to verify successful Facebook Fan page. If this fails, there may be errors in the steps.