How to Access Archived Messages on Facebook

How to access archived messages on facebook quickly.

how to access archived messages on facebook

Where Have the Archived Messages Gone?

Archiving was simple. The message vanished, too, simply the method it should.

Where, now, is it, though? Not in the Messages and not in Other either, archived mail in Facebook Messages is still around. You can search and browse archived messages, too.

View Archived Mail and Messages in Facebook Messages

To see mail you have actually archived in Facebook Messages:

1. Open Messages in Facebook.

  • Click Messages, for instance, in the leading Facebook navigation bar (from throughout Facebook) and follow the See All link in the messages sheet that turns up.
  • You can likewise pick Messages in the left navigation bar on your Facebook web page.

2. Click More above the list of existing discussions.

3. Select Archived from the menu that has actually appeared.

  • You can likewise type any search term in the Browse field and press Go into or click the magnifying glass icon. Facebook will instantly browse all discussions and messages consisting of archived ones.
  • Click Load Older Threads to continue browsing older-- consisting of archived-- discussions.
  • See list below for browsing, just archived messages and discussions.

More info: Facebook Fast Delete Messages

Browse Archived Mail and Messages in Facebook Messages

To browse Facebook Messages for archived mail and messages (leaving out current discussions not archived):.

1. Open Facebook Messages.

2. Click in the Browse field.

3. Type "is: archived" followed by the terms you look for.

  • To browse archived messages for "picnic", for instance, type "is: archived picnic" (not consisting of the quotation marks).
  • You can integrate "is: archived" with other Facebook Messages search operators, naturally.
4. Press Go into.

Hopefully the article how to access archived messages on facebook, is helpful to you.