Facebook Event Banner Size

The Facebook occasion image size varies from both the Fan Page and the individual profile!

Images on the occasion page wall will be seen at 470 pixels large, approximately 470 pixels high, depending upon the shape image you publish.

Do not hesitate to make them larger (however not smaller sized, for finest outcomes). Both I and Facebook typically suggest a 1200 pixel width.

facebook event banner size

And the occasion cover picture?

Inning accordance with Facebook, the appropriate facebook event banner size is 784 × 295 pixels. Pictures submitted in a broader percentage will have the sides cropped. Taller images will be cropped leading and bottom.
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Pictures submitted at less than 784 pixels large will be bigger to fit. This isn't really perfect as you lose resolution, making your picture appearance fuzzy or jaggy. Start with a big adequate image, ideally in a horizontal format. I advise 1200 pixels large minimum. Keep reading ...

Facebook Occasion Cover Image Size: Desktop AND Mobile

UPDATE: I'm speaking with a number of you that you're having issues making the header image look great on both desktop and mobile. Not a surprise-- this problem exists with facebook event banner size too.

Given that many views of Facebook are on mobile, I recommend you enhance that initially.

facebook event banner size pixels

I have actually imagined the desktop header overlaid on the mobile one. Keep in mind that the mobile shape offers you nearly two times the height to have fun with. On the desktop, the occasion's date and title will be included by Facebook over the lower part of the cover image. No type overlay on mobile.

Check my blog suggest producing 1200 pixels large x 675 pixels high to look finest on mobile. Think about that the height will be cropped to 428 pixels on the desktop-- and figure on an optimum of 360 pixels of unblocked height on the desktop. So keep the lower half of your image basic!

You can make the occasion description rather long-- it can increase to 2 complete lines throughout. Make sure to permit that overlay on the desktop! Keep the bottom half of your Occasion Cover Picture extremely plain.