Facebook Cover Photo Size Converter

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Ways to establish a custom-made image size, use impacts or edits, and conserve your image for usage on Facebook.

1. Establish a customized image size

Open Photoshop. Select File > New. Call the file "cover-photo." Set the width to 851 pixels, the height to 315 pixels, and resolution to 72 pixels/inch.

These are the minimum measurements for a cover picture on Facebook. This enables you to create your cover image in Photoshop as facebook cover photo size converter without thinking how it will appear on Facebook.

Click OK. A brand-new blank file will open.

facebook cover photo size converter

2. Open a picture.

Go to Submit > Open, and find an image or image on your computer system that you wish to utilize as a cover picture. If you're following together with the sample property, find "make-creative-facebook-cover-photo. jpg." Click Open.

cover photo resizer

3. Replicate your image.

With the picture from Action 2 open, find the Layers panel at the bottom best corner of the Photoshop workspace. If you do not see the Layers panel, go to Window > Layers.
Right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) the Background layer and choose Duplicate Layer ...

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4. Replicate your image (cont.).

In the Duplicate Layer dialog box, choose the "cover photo" you produced in Action 1, for the Location > File alternative. Click OK.
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By doing this, you position your individual image or image (or our sample picture) within your custom-sized file from Action 1.

facebook cover photo size converter free

5. Resize your image.

2 pictures are open in your office. Click the "cover photo" tab to continue modifying the file from Action 1.

Select Edit > Free Transform, or press control/command + "T" on your keyboard. A bounding box appears around the edges of the picture, as revealed. If you cannot see the bounding box, zoom out (press command/control + "-" on your keyboard).

Scale the image: Click and drag among the corners of the bounding box. Constrain the percentages by pushing Shift while scaling the image. Rearrange the image: Click and drag the image in the bounding box. When you're done, press Go into.

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6. Get innovative!

You have actually resized your image. Now, draw shapes, include type, and explore other imaginative impacts to individualize your image. Utilize the links at the bottom of this page to check out ideas and strategies for artistically modifying in Photoshop or Lightroom.

For this sample, I included text and shapes and utilized mixing modes for a fading result.

Tip: While creating, remember that your profile photo will cover the bottom left corner of your cover picture!

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7. Conserve your image.

As soon as you're ended up, choose File > Conserve As ...

In the Format menu, choose a file type for your image. For an image, choose JPEG file format; if you included text, a logo design, or other shapes, we advise the PNG file format. Click Save.

A 2nd dialog box may appear, depending upon the chosen file format. If so, define your extra choices and click OK.


Now you're all set to publish your image to Facebook by facebook cover photo size converter!

By establishing a customized image size, you can attempt great deals of various image modifying methods, and manage how your image appears on your Facebook wall. Utilize the links listed below to try out various concepts and methods for using innovative results and modifies!

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