Facebook Cover Page Size

For any facebook cover page size, it should have a cover Image in addition to Profile Image. The majority of the users have no idea the proper measurements of the image that they are publishing and wind up getting incorrect outcomes.

Facebook Cover Page Size

Face Cover Picture Image size:

Facebook cover page size:- 851 * 315 Pixels.
Users should Submit an image with 851 * 315 Pixels.
i.e. 851 width & 315 height.

If you submit the image with fewer dimensions image will be stretched.The Cover Picture will be shown with 640 * 360 pixels on mobile phones.
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Facebook Profile Image Size:

Dimesions:- 180 * 180 Pixels.

Users need to Submit a profile image with 180 * 180 Pixels.
i.e. 180 width & 180 height.

The size of the Profile picture should be at least 180 * 180 pixels.But the image will appear on the facebook page with measurements 160 * 160 pixels.Where the profile image will be shown as 140 * 140 pixels on mobile phones.