Facebook 20 Grid Tool

Something I'm experiencing here at Bipper Media is the explosive development of Facebook marketing. Amongst it's numerous advantages are the capability to drill down your group targeting such as setting a 'mile radius' around a particular city, house worth demographics, as well as the capability to target fans of a specific Facebook page.

However, something you might have seen, if you are actively developing Facebook advertisements that are, is the restriction with just how much text you can have on a specific image.

The guideline, understood just as the facebook 20 grid tool "20% text limitation for an image advertisement", limits the quantity of text you can consist of on advertisement. And conference this requirement, much to the surprise of brand-new marketers, can be tough.

Let me reveal you a real life example of handling Facebook's 20% guideline on text direct exposure with among our customers. Initially I'll reveal you a disapproved advertisement-- since it far went beyond the 20% text direct exposure guideline.

Disapproved Facebook image advertisement:

facebook 20 grid tool

And now here's the very same image submitted to Facebook's grid tool-- and I have actually clicked packages that consist of text:

facebook grid tool psd

Notification the red arrow indicating the 44%-- this suggests, the image I'm utilizing has 44% of text copy on the image advertisement. This advertisement would get disapproved practically right away when developing the advertisement.

Facebook Advertisements Grid Tool-- Authorized Image Advertisement:

Now here's the very same image, other than I have actually entered and eliminated the quantity of text on the image advertisement so that it fulfills Facebook's 20% text copy guideline:

Facebook Grid Tool

That's a substantial distinction, right? However this image now satisfies the 20% text direct exposure guideline.

So the ethical of the story is, any image that you utilize in your Facebook advertisement needs to accomplish your top quality message mainly through using images-- not text copy. This implies you need to get imaginative with your image advertisements in order to a) get your marketing message throughout, and b) satisfy the 20% text guideline from Facebook's advertisement polcy.

The best ways to Utilize Facebook Advertisements Grid Tool.

Thankfully, Facebook produced the Facebook Advertisements Grid Tool that makes it simple to identify what does it cost? text is exposed to your image advertisement. Here's how you utilize the Facebook Advertisements Grid Tool to see if your image fulfills Facebook's 20% text direct exposure guideline:.

1) Check out the grid tool here.

2) Click the "pick file" button.

3) Discover the image that you'll be utilizing for your advertisement and upload it.

4) Once the image uploads, you'll then see the image overlayed with a grid. Now you merely click the grid boxes where you have text on the image. As you click the grid boxes, notification to the right-hand man side the altering portion number. This number reveals you just how much (or what portion) of text you have on your image. If the number goes beyond 20%, then its back to the drawing board (or photoshop) to get rid of the excess in text.
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The 20% guideline uses to all images being utilized in a Facebook advertisement. You might discover that you have actually had the ability to publish an image that does not satisfy the 20% text guideline and your advertisement really get authorized. However do not get too positive about your short-term success, since I have actually discovered that within a day or two, ultimately the system discovers the excess in text and will disapprove your Facebook advertisement.

So how has your experience been with Facebook's text guideline for image advertisements?

Do you discover the "grid tool" to be beneficial in developing your Facebook advertisements?

Let us understand in the remarks.