Facebook 20 Grid Tool

Facebook's advertisement approval algorithms can trigger confusion. We have actually had a number of customers ask us about the procedure, and the majority of the time it's since they have actually attempted to improve a post that consists of an image with text on it. So ... how minor can image distinctions be in between an authorized and turned down advertisement?

Have a look at these 2 images we submitted to the Facebook Grid Tool:

Facebook 20 Grid Tool

Are you amazed at all by the 20-point distinction in between the 2 images?

We just needed to modify our image somewhat to make a fairly extreme modification in our text portion. We didn't need to get rid of the text, and we simply hardly needed to modify the sizing of a few of the text. That's due to the fact that the facebook 20 grid tool is more about positioning than sizing.

Start by bookmarking this link: THE FACEBOOK GRID IMAGE CHECKER.

Submit your image file, wait on it to be shown in the grid tool.
Select each grid square that has even a partial piece of text within its limits.
The squares ought to turn blue as they're chosen, and the matching portion will appear in the 2nd paragraph you see to the right of your image.
Here's an example of our very first image as soon as submitted to the Facebook Grid Tool:

facebook grid tool psd

When your image is published, Facebook asks you to pick each grid square which contains text. As you can see in our initial image, The top of "Wharton County Flexibility Fest" and the very first and last letters of "OPEN VEHICLE PROGRAM" land simply hardly within their own grid boxes. This triggers our text to use up 8 overall grid boxes, leaving us with a rating of 32%. For a passing rating and the capability to Increase your Facebook post or capability to utilize this image in any advertising campaign, Facebook needs a rating of 20% or lower.

Next, have a look at our tweaked image. Notification we just needed to move the text banner down about 10 pixels and after that reduced the sizing of the "OPEN AUTOMOBILE PROGRAM" text by a couple of points.

Facebook Grid Tool

With these modifications, the Facebook Grid Tool now informs us our image ratings 12%. Fantastic! We didn't have to reduce any text, our message is still making clear, and we can now utilize this image in a Facebook Marketing campaign without getting a message about our text-to-image ratio.

Our grid square count went from 8 squares to 3 with the tiniest of modifications! We discover that the majority of our customers choose an image without any text once they get a notice their advertisement has actually been unapproved, and the initial message can be lost when that image is switched out for an alternate.
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Next time you're utilizing an image with text to promote your brand name on Facebook, utilize the Grid Tool to check the image. If you're over 20% protection, initially aim to rearrange and resize your text prior to getting rid of text or utilizing another image entirely. You too can end up being a master of the facebook 20 grid tool for your enhanced posts and advertising campaign.