Does Facebook Give Away Money

We have actually all seen it, does facebook give away money ?-- the post declaring that Mark Zuckerberg is handing out his fortune to a chosen group of random Facebook users. All you need to do is copy and paste the message to be in with a possibility of winning!

Sorry, however, it's simply not real-- as now validated by Zuck himself.

does facebook give away money

An example of the scam meme distributing on Facebook.

On Sunday, the Facebook creator and CEO revealed his New Year's resolution: to construct an AI to assist out with his work and house life. In the remarks listed below his Facebook post, somebody asked him whether he was actually "distributing the million dollars.".

His action was indisputable: "The meme walking around stating we're distributing cash to random individuals is incorrect.".

It was quite apparent that the rumor wasn't real, even prior to this. Today we have verification directly from the horse's mouth.
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That's not to state Zuckerberg isn't really generous, nevertheless. He is handing out cash-- great deals on it. He has actually vowed to hand out 99% of his fortune during his lifetime, intending to "enhance education, health, science and more for the world.".

Zuckerberg revealed the philanthropy effort in December 2015, after the birth of his child Max.

" As you start the next generation of the Chan Zuckerberg household," he composed in an open letter to Max, "we likewise start the Chan Zuckerberg Effort to sign up with individuals throughout the world to advance human capacity and promote equality for all kids in the next generation. Our preliminary locations of focus will be customized knowing, treating illness, linking individuals and developing strong neighborhoods. Does facebook give away money ?

" We will provide 99% of our Facebook shares-- presently about $45 billion-- throughout our lives to advance this objective. We understand this is a little contribution compared with all the resources and skills of those currently dealing with these problems. However, we wish to do exactly what we can, working together with numerous others.".

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