Dimensions Of Facebook Banner

If you're too lazy to read my post, or you have a due date in 5 minutes, the dimensions of facebook banner is 851 x 314 pixels.

If you do have the time and wish to be happily amused by my ... umm ... grandiloquence, please continue.

dimensions of facebook banner

I had the problem discovering precise pixel measurements for facebook profile image and dimensions of facebook banner, so I believed it would be enjoyable to develop my own. And yes, that was a great deal of enjoyable! What much better thing to do on a Friday night? I miss out on the days of being a graphic designer.

The basic Facebook profile page and other pages are various, however not by much. The profile image just comes by 17 pixels on organization and fan pages, which can be a bit complicated if you do a google look for the real pixel measurements. I discovered that in basic, the measurements weren't really precise and perhaps 'eye-balled' to obtain close enough.
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However, for sticklers like myself, I merely cannot manage unreliable pixel measurements (blaarghh!). Anybody on the webs can copy and paste info, however, it is very important that details are precise, otherwise incorrect info can spread out like wildfire. Not that facebook pixel measurements are all that crucial, however, if I can conserve somebody a few minutes of head scratching, I'll more than happy.

The numbers in the diagram above are 100% precise to the pixel level. I examined and checked them at 800% in Photoshop. The JPG file can be opened in Photoshop to see the completely lined up guides too, so do not hesitate to utilize that as a design template. If the present Facebook page style modifications, I'll check out upgrading the diagram.