Dimensions for Facebook Cover Photo

For all Facebook company users and Page admins/managers, it is among the very first things which are available in their mind and which they look for when they begin their Page.

Why is it so essential to have a dimensions for facebook cover photo?

Your Facebook Page is much like your site's web page. In one page, it showcases a lot of things and if your target consumer is regularly visiting this page, then, it can assist you to achieve your marketing objectives. The cover image is a great realty offered by Facebook to companies where they can display their strengths with their crucial marketing messages and item display.

The best ways to make a cover image?

Making a cover picture is not an extremely uphill struggle, supplied you have a clear understanding of the size and measurements. For desktops, cover picture ought to be of 851px width and 315 px height. You can utilize any tool/software to make your image and it will work great as long as the width to height ratio is 851:315.
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851px x 315 px is the minimum measurement, which a cover must have, otherwise, Facebook will instantly extend it and image will look pixelated. Having an image with resolution greater than 851px x 315 px is great, as Facebook will decrease the size proportionately.

Ways to make a cover image which works fine on both desktops and mobiles?

It is observed that more than 95% of Facebook Pages cover images are just produced desktops. Few Pages take into consideration how it will search in mobiles. However, if you read this, then it is rather sure that you are interested in understanding the distinction so that you can make the distinction to your very own page cover, when seen in mobiles.

Here it goes, the following figure discusses how a dimensions for facebook cover photo need to be made, which works fine on both desktops and mobiles.

dimensions for facebook cover photo

Some indicate be kept in mind from the above figure are:

Red Location-- Your company page profile image or logo design comes here. So, prevent putting any text or image in this area, as this will be not noticeable in both desktops and mobiles.

Blue Location-- This is the are which is not noticeable in mobiles. Lots of people are not familiar with this truth and thus they have the tendency to make the error of putting some text or image which can be found at this location. Typically, it will look bad in mobiles, if something is crossing this location. So, either prevent putting anything in this area, or if you actually wish to use the area for desktop view, then put it in such a method that it does not cross the blue and white area. That method, the material in the blue area will be entirely noticeable to desktop users and totally undetectable to mobile users.

White Location -- This is the only location which shows up in both desktops and mobile. Don't hesitate to include text or images in this area, according to your requirement.