Can You Post Gifs On Facebook

The best ways to publish a GIF on Facebook

Many Facebook users will have discovered a minute in their social networks lives when a remark or an emoji merely does not communicate exactly what you wish to state. It's minutes like these where the ideal action is an animated GIF.

For a variety of years, Facebook skillfully prevented the GIF on its Timeline, with the idea that a Timeline jumbled with GIFs would decrease and eventually mess up the experience for completion user. There was likewise some talk of billions of GIFs throughout countless users dragging the server action times down too, however, that's most likely simply among those internet misconceptions.

With that in mind then, let's take a look at how you set about can you post gifs on facebook.


Prior to we start, and in case you're brand-new to this web lark, it may be sensible to begin by explaining exactly what among these GIFs things are.

Essentially a GIF, in the sense that we're explaining it, is an animated image developed by including different images separated with a dead time. The frames are then shown in a loop and as such develop the animation-- like drawing a running stickman on the corner of a book on each page, and snapping through the pages to make the stickman appear to run.

can you post gifs on facebook


Unfortunately, publishing a GIF to your timeline isn't really rather as easy as publishing other image types. You can conserve a GIF you have actually discovered on the web to your hard disk, and see the animation when you double-click it within Windows explorer, however, if you publish it to Facebook it'll come out as a fixed image without the additional frames.

The simplest option for that reason is to bookmark among the primary GIF resource websites, such as Giphy, Tumblr or Imgur. For us, the very best GIF resource needs to be Giphy, and as such, we'll utilize it for this specific example.

Within Giphy you'll have access to many GIFs covering a vast array of topics, which you can look for with the bar at the top of the page.

When you have the ideal GIF, click the image to access its page and you'll exist with a variety of Share choices under the animation of the image.

giphy facebook

From there you can click the Facebook icon from the list which will introduce a pop-up window enabling you to publish the image on Facebook-- in addition to an appropriate and no doubt amusing remark.

f nevertheless you wish to publish the image within somebody's Timeline, as an action to them, then right-click the GIF on Giphy, and choose Copy Image Place from the menu. Relocate to your Facebook tab, and right-click and choose Paste in the Timeline you desire the image to appear.

After a couple of seconds, depending upon the speed of your connection and where the image is from and so on, a sneak peek placeholder for the Gif ought to appear-- often it does, often it does not, that's Facebook for you-- You can then strike Get in to publish the GIF, or erase the link that you pasted in and press Get in to have the link appear without the additional text of the image link.


If you're talented enough to have actually made your very own GIF, then you'll have to do similar approach as the right-click and paste the image area to the Timeline. However, you'll have to submit the GIF to a place that shows up to the general public very first.

facebook gif button

For this example, you can develop an account on Giphy and submit the GIF then utilize the technique we explained earlier to obtain the GIF on to your Facebook Timeline.


The GIF is an effective method to communicate night on any feeling or action on Facebook. It's utilized by real Jedi Facebook users, who in some way appear to have a nearly endless resource of GIFs on hand for every single circumstance you can possibly imagine.

The secret naturally to an effective GIF publishing boils down to timing, both in the sense of when the image increases in reaction to a remark or scenario and for how long the animation of the GIF is. Too long or short in either context and you have actually lost your minute, and will no doubt be permanently tainted with the brush of 'GIF noob', or something.
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It takes practice, however, you'll quickly have the hang of it and will most likely wind up bombarding the remarks area listed below with a collection of entertaining GIFs. Please do so, by the method about can you post gifs on facebook, then the rest people can utilize them in our future Facebook posts.