Blocking Someone On Facebook

OK, let's be sincere here ... the number of you out there have actually scrolled through your Facebook feed and rolled your eyes at a pal's (or 5 good friends) status that was either a substantial TMI minute, over-sharing kid images, proclaiming love for his/her better half, or yet another "I went to the fitness center! and I then consumed this (with a photo, naturally)!" post?

Rather of getting pissed off and wishing to toss your phone or computer system at the wall to shatter it into a million pieces so you never ever need to read them once again, the dazzling individuals at Facebook have actually made it much easier for you to rid your feed of those meaningless crap-statuses.

Now you can blocking someone on facebook without eliminating them from your good friend list. Since, let's admit it, unfriending somebody resembles completion all be all one can do to somebody. It might be even worse than really breaking up with somebody.
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So here is exactly what you have to do to obstruct somebody on Facebook without unfriending them:

Go to the profile page that you wish to obstruct. On the best side of the screen, you will see a box that states 'Buddies'. Hover over that box with your cursor up until the menu pops down. You will see a box that is examined stating 'Get Notices'. Click the 'Get Alerts' to uncheck it.

blocking someone on facebook

Revitalize your news feed and not will it be revealing stated individuals status'. Therefore blocking someone on facebook without unfriending! Now you will not need to handle the convo, "I CAN'T BELIEVABLE YOU UNFRIENDED ME!!!!" ever once again.

Your peace of mind will thank you.