Best Size For Facebook Cover Photo

When individuals reach your Facebook Page, where do you believe they initially look?

I'll offer you some tips. It's a visual piece of material that sits at the top of your page. Its measurements are 851 pixels broad by 315 pixels high. It uses up practically a quarter of the screen on a lot of desktop internet browsers.

That's right-- it's your best size for facebook cover photo.

Given that it is among the most obvious parts of your page, it's important that you follow Facebook cover image finest practices.

Whether you're utilizing Facebook to create leads, close your next sale, or produce a client neighborhood, understanding ways to make and enhance your cover image is crucial. Continue reading to discover exactly what you must (and should not) perform in your cover picture.

11 Finest Practices for Your Facebook Cover Image

1) Do comply with Facebook's cover picture standards.

It looks like a no-brainer, however following Facebook standards is essential to your Facebook Page existing in the very first location. I 'd extremely recommend checking out the complete Page Standards, however here are a couple of crucial things to bear in mind for your cover image:

  • Your cover is public.
  • Covers cannot be misleading, deceptive, or infringe on anybody else's copyright.
  • You cannot motivate individuals to submit your cover to their individual timelines.

If you get captured breaching the above terms, Facebook might act versus your Page. And while Facebook does not clearly state exactly what will occur if you breach their Page standards, it's most likely not wise to obtain your Facebook Page removed over a cover image offense, so check out the standards completely and follow them.
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2) Do ensure your Facebook cover image size is ideal: 851 px broad by 315 px high.

You do not wish to invest all this time creating a cover image ... just to have it look unusual when you publish it to Facebook.

Make certain your cover picture will look fantastic from the beginning by ensuring it's the best measurements: 851 pixels large and 315 pixels high.

best size for facebook cover photo

If you publish an image smaller sized than those measurements, Facebook will extend it to fit the ideal size, as long as it's at least 399 pixels large and 150 pixels high.

If you desire a no-hassle method to make sure your cover images are the best size, download our pre-sized design template for Facebook cover pictures here.

3) Do not fret about the old "20% text" guideline, however still aim to remain visual.

Back in 2013, Facebook eliminated any referral to the 20% guideline on text in cover pictures ... however that does not suggest you ought to go wild with utilizing text in your cover picture. The previous guideline stated that just 20% of your cover image might be text. Personally, I believed that was way too limiting for online marketers, however the belief behind the guideline was a great one.

If you're going to utilize text in your cover image, keep that text concise. Your picture will be far more useful and appealing.

best size for facebook cover photo 2016

4) Keep the image simple, with a clear centerpiece.

Consider your cover image as the part of your Page that's "above the fold." If it's sidetracking or bad quality, individuals will be most likely to click on the page.

Much of the very best Facebook cover images consist of a single topic as the centerpiece. They likewise utilize unfavorable white (i.e., void) as a benefit to make the topic, any copy on there, and other components special to Facebook (like the CTA button on Facebook organisation Pages) stand apart much more.

5) Do not conceal material behind your profile image.

Since of the method profile images are included on Facebook Pages, there's an area of your cover image that will not appear unless you click it. Your Page name and the buttons on the bottom right likewise cover parts of your image.

Have a look at the example listed below from NikeWomen. The parts highlighted in red are the parts of the cover image that aren't right away viewable to your Facebook Fans.

best pixel size for facebook cover photo

Inning accordance with Facebook's Assistance page, on the home computer, the profile photo lies 16 pixels from the left edge of the cover image, and 176 pixels from the top of the cover picture.

That being stated, you can likewise utilize this concealed area to your benefit-- perhaps even concealing an Easter egg behind the profile photo for a contest. However usually, keeping that area clear is an excellent finest practice.

6) Do not put essential material on the bottom of your picture, either.

Your profile image isn't really the only part of your cover image that will be partly concealed on your primary Page. You'll likewise wish to prevent putting essential material or crucial parts of your image on the bottom of your image where the name of your Page and CTA buttons are.

We suggest drawing a fictional line about midway up your profile photo and keeping essential material (like text or hashtags) above that.

You can see exactly what I indicate in HubSpot's cover picture listed below, where we have actually positioned the text above the "HubSpot" name.

7) Do right-align the items in your cover picture.

Because your profile image is on left, you wish to include some balance to your Facebook cover image style by having the focus of the image be on the right.

Have a look at these cover images. Which one looks more visually pleasing?

Right-aligned focus:

facebook cover photo size maker

Left-aligned focus:

facebook cover photo size maker

Does not the right-aligned best size for facebook cover photo? The greatest style aspects (the profile photo, the text, and the beer) are uniformly spaced. In the Samsung cover picture, your attention goes right away to the left side of the page, totally missing out on the name of the item on the upper ideal side.

Not just is including balance an important component of style, however it likewise permits your cover images to be more aesthetically efficient on mobile. Which brings me to my next point ...

8) Do keep mobile users in mind.

In April 2016, Facebook reported that over half of its user base (54.2%) gain access to the social media solely from mobile phones. That's substantial-- and it's precisely why it's so crucial to keep mobile users top-of-mind when developing your Facebook cover image.

On mobile, a much bigger part of your cover image is shut out due to the fact that the profile photo and the Page name are on top of the cover picture.

Let's have a look at a real-life example. Listed below, have a look at exactly what Adobe's Facebook Page appears like in a desktop web browser versus on Facebook's mobile app.



Notification that the sides of the image are cut off on mobile. Whereas your cover picture shows at 851 pixels broad by 315 pixels high on desktop, it shows just the center 640 pixels large by 360 pixels high on mobile phones. Have a look at this Facebook assistance file for additional information.

Notification, by the method, how the text in Adobe's cover picture is cut off on the right-hand side. While it looks finest to right-align your visual components, take care not to put crucial material up until now to the right that it gets cut off on mobile.

9) Do incorporate the cover picture style with other parts of your Facebook Page.

If you truly wish to get imaginative with your cover image, attempt incorporating its style with other parts of your Facebook Page. You might make your profile photo and cover image one huge canvas, or utilize some style components to accentuate various performances of your Facebook Page.

Below are some concepts of exactly what these cover picture combinations may appear like.

Integrate your profile image and cover image.

With a little imagination and some style fine-tunes, you can make your profile image and cover image look like if they're 2 parts of one canvas. Have a look at among Paris' cover images for a subtle however engaging method to do that.

Keep in mind: Because cover images show in a different way on mobile and on desktop, you'll need to select one format to develop your cover image and profile mix for. Because cover pictures are far more visible on desktop, I 'd recommend focusing on that design for your cover image and profile image mix style.

Accentuate the buttons on right.

Following the very best practices discussed above, WeddingWire puts all its essential text to the right of their cover picture-- not just accomplishing a great style visual, however likewise accentuating the primary calls-to-action on the Page: Like, Follow, and Message.

10) Do consist of a reduced link in your cover picture description that lines up with your page CTA.

If you wish to utilize your cover image to support your page CTA, ensure your cover picture description likewise consists of a text CTA and connect to the very same deal. By doing this, whenever individuals see your cover picture straight, they can access the download link.

Make certain you reduce your links and include UTM codes so you can track click them. Reducing and tracking functions are readily available in the HubSpot Marketing Platform and in tools like bit.

( If you wish to find out more about the best ways to compose efficient call-to-action copy for your cover image description, click on this link to download our complimentary ebook on producing engaging CTAs.).

11) Do pin an associated post right listed below your Facebook cover image.

Have you ever "pinned" a post to your Facebook Page's Timeline? Essentially, pinning a post permits you to highlight a common Facebook post on the top of your Timeline for 7 days. It's symbolized by a little yellow flag on the leading right of the post, like on Refinery29's Page listed below:

How does this connect to enhancing your Facebook cover image? Well, if you're hanging out aligning your Facebook Page CTA, your cover image style, and your cover picture description copy, you must likewise make certain to publish about the very same thing straight to your page, and pin that publish to the top of your Timeline.

That method, you're offering individuals one really clear call-to-action when they get here to your page (albeit in numerous various areas)-- which need to assist conversions.

To pin a Facebook post: Merely release the post to Facebook, then click the down arrow on the leading right corner of the post and select "Pin to Top.".