Best Image Size For Facebook Post

In its early days, Facebook was everything about text and links. However as it has actually matured, images have actually ended up being increasingly more essential. They're now more crucial for style and identity on the interface, like your profile image or cover image. And it's an excellent method to share pictures in galleries and on the timeline. Facebook pictures are now a substantial part of the website's appeal even as devoted image apps like Instagram have actually ended up being extremely popular also.

If you have actually encountered this page, you believe discovered on your own that Exercising exactly what best image size for facebook post isn't really as simple as it might be. It includes some wrangling to obtain the outcomes you desire. Each kind of image on a page, profile, and timeline has its own size and peculiarities. And Facebook never ever has actually been excellent about making its assistance pages simple to discover.

Making things a lot more enjoyable is that Facebook modifications things from time to time. Often it's a little, incremental tweak. Often it's a whole overhaul (such as when timelines were presented and once again when they were altered from 2 columns to one column). So it's constantly a little a moving target. And there constantly appears to be a brand-new system simply around the corner.

So here's my newly upgraded 2017 variation of the informal guide for the sizes of Facebook images on the numerous parts of the website.
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I aim to keep this as current as possible, however, Facebook has a nasty practice of making unannounced modifications and after that rolling them out slowly to users so that not everybody gets them at the same time. If you have actually observed something that's altered, please let me understand in the remarks so I can upgrade best image size for facebook post.

Shared Link Thumbnails

Some things got streamlined in the brand-new design. Shared link thumbnail images didn't. However they have actually been enhanced on the previous variation, and we likewise get some clever brand-new functions like having the ability to submit a various thumbnail image and utilize several thumbnails that link back to the shared URL. (I have a different post on the best ways to utilize them.).

The most basic design is with a single image. It's scaled to fill a box 476px by 249px. Like this:

best image size for facebook post

A brand-new function is that you can consist of numerous thumbnails, each which is connected back to the URL you're sharing. They're cropped to squares that are 300px by 300px and showed as the horizontal carousel. Like this:

facebook post image size 2016

One Picture on the Timeline.

When you publish an image to the timeline, a thumbnail is created immediately to fit within a box that is 476px large and as much as 714px high. So if you wish to utilize the optimal area readily available, publish an image in picture orientation (vertical) that remains in the ratio of 3:2.

facebook post image size 2016

If you submit a landscape (horizontal) image, it will be scaled to 476px broad and maintain its shape. This, for instance, is a rectangular shape in landscape orientation that remains in the element ratio of 3:2. The complete location of the image appears.
best image size for facebook post 2016

This is another rectangular shape in landscape orientation, however, it's a much narrower element ratio like a banner or panorama. The width is once again 476px and the image is scaled so that the whole image location appears.

If you publish that exact same image turned 90 degrees, so that it's high instead of broad, it will be cropped to the optimum offered location of 476px by 714px.

And if you publish a square, the entire image will be shown, with the width at 476px.

standard image size for facebook posts

Submitting Several Images to a Page Timeline.

You can submit several pictures simultaneously to the timeline. How they're shown depends upon the number of images you're submitting and the orientation of exactly what I will call the main image.

The main image is exactly what I'm calling the one that shows initially in the publishing popup, and it likewise shows bigger in a few of the designs. Up until now as I understand there's not the main name for it, however, I'm going to proceed and utilize the main image.

Along with showing initially, the main image has another crucial function. It figures out the design you get. If you publish 3 images with a square main image you'll wind up with a various design than if you submit 3 images with a rectangle-shaped main image.

The most convenient method to pick which image functions as the main image is to drag it to the left in the upload dialog.

Full-Width Photos on the Timeline.

Yes, they were cool. The image covered both columns. However, Facebook got rid of them in their redesign in mid-2014. Your updates now just display in a single column, and there's no other way to make pictures broader than that column.


While not particularly associated with image sizes, it deserves understanding that Facebook strips out all metadata from your images. That consists of all GPS, electronic camera type, and other information that your cam may embed, in addition to anything like keywords or copyright details you may have included.