Apps to Get More Likes on Facebook

Facebook has indeed included the most popular social media in the world. Nowadays, many quarters to be a Facebook user. Either student, entrepreneur, or an ordinary community happy to use Facebook.

Even the current facebook users include all ages from children to adults. Talk about the Facebook of course, always remember with your Facebook status. Facebook status is an activity that we think about then we upload to facebook. Each status must have like and comment, have you ever wanted to publish your facebook status that many are like. To get to like in facebook status is not easy, we have to create a unique status so that they could do a appreciation for our status by doing like.
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Sure, you feel happy if status or photos that you upload on facebook liked a lot of people, even if it's status or photo you publish attracted the attention of many facebook users you can get thousands of like from other facebook users.

There are two options that you can do to get it a lot like on facebook that is by using the application and without application. If you choose without application, of course you have to be smart to get people interested either in your status or a photo that you upload on facebook.

However, if you choose to use the application, you can do it easily and get like quickly.

You definitely listen to what ever it auto like facebook status?

Auto like facebook status is in order for facebook status that we publish have many like liking we suppose 200 likers. Many web already provides it for free. Like my title on top here I share apps to get more like facebook status.

Many applications that you can use, especially if you use the Android OS on your smartphone. You can download the application from the play store. But if you want to be more practical, I've provided the download link.

How do I auto like facebook status directly on the android apps!!
It's easy you just download the application below.


1. Install the application to your android.

2. Then open.

3. You have to be patient because the application requires a long loading! So wait and see the facebook login button and enter your facebook account. After that select the follow the instructions and select the likers status. And then look the status of you there. Previously, you should already be setting the age of facebook namely you must be over 18 + so stay change your birth year if you are not yet 18 years of age. And one more before you open this application you must have made a status update to the public.

3. After that later appears to be the new Facebook status we publish. you just have to select how much like you want right on your status e.g. 200 then click submit and wait for the procession up to 30 seconds. And open the facebook you via browser does like have already increased by 200.

The tip from me about social media facebook auto like the status directly on the android applications.