How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Facebook

you blocked me on facebook

Sometimes not always the person who made friends with us on social media is a fun person. Even some of them create accounts in social media simply to present the hatred, provocation, etc.

Maybe you never block people on Facebook or you are blocked by someone on Facebook. Then you would say "who blocked me on facebook?"

Next how can you tell if someone blocked you on facebook?

Therefore, this time I will discuss how do you know if someone blocked you on facebook. Hope this article can help you to find out who block you.

OK, so that's clearer please note the steps how to know if someone blocked you on facebook below.

How Do I Know if Someone Blocked Me on Facebook

If someone blocks you on Facebook you wouldn't immediately know if your facebook account is already blocked. That is because Facebook does not give notice if your facebook account has been blocked by someone.

Actually, there are several indicators if your facebook account has been blocked. Usually, happens when you want to see a friend's profile or want to chat with him on Facebook, but you cannot find the profile. Then there are 3 conclusions:

  1. You have been blocked by your friend on Facebook
  2. Your friend's facebook account has been deleted, both removed by facebook or removed by himself.
  3. Your friend's facebook account is disabled temporarily.

If your friend's facebook account deleted or disabled you may not be asked him, however, if your facebook account blocked by your friend, of course, it's a big question.

There are several methods that you can use how to tell if you have been blocked on facebook.

Method 1:

Try to reopen the conversation that you'll ever do with your friends. If a profile picture that appears in the conversation is the default photo and you can't click on her name to visit their profile, then most likely your friend has blocked you.

Next, you could try to send a message to your friend on facebook. If you cannot send a message to your friends, be sure that you have blocked.

how to tell if you have been blocked on facebook

Method 2:

The next way about how to see who blocked you on facebook with how to reopen your conversation with your friend on facebook.

After that click the menu "Action"

Next please click the "Report Spam or Abuse"

how to see blocked facebook
Furthermore, the display will appear as shown below. Please select one of your reasons. Then click "Continue"

how can you tell if someone blocks you on facebook

If appear the description "Operation prohibited" indicates that you have been blocked by your friends.

Method 3:

If you've never done a conversation with your friends on Facebook. You can use the how to tell if you have been blocked on facebook with the URL or the username of your friend's facebook account.

If you know the username specified in the URL of your profile, then you can use this way. The way you can visit the link below.
how can you tell if you are blocked on facebook

Please replace your username with the name of your friend's profile. It will pop up a lot of information about the account of your friend. If appear the information can be sure that you have been blocked by your friend.

Because if your friend's account is deleted, then there will be no information that appears when you use the link above.

So some method about how do you know someone blocked you on facebook, I hope this article can become your reference materials and can increase your knowledge.

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