How to Get Phone Number From Facebook

Social networks such as facebook has indeed become a place to get friends around the world. We can communicate with anyone without any limits. They sometimes like to enhance relations of friendship into a serious relationship. Usually they ask is the phone number of that person.

But not all facebook users are willing to share your phone number with others. So many people are looking for a way so get someone's phone number.

There are several ways that you can do to get the phone number of someone from facebook. To that end, this time I will give you tips for you on how to get cell phone numbers from facebook.
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Here's how to get cell phone numbers from facebook that you can follow the steps below.

How to get mobile number from facebook account

Method 1:  

We can use this application to get the phone number of another person on facebook. We can do it the easy way. How to find out the mobile number of a person using the application that is using the GPS features as well as internet connection. To use this application, simply enable Google Latitude on your smartphone, and then click profile friends who showed up, then you will find information about your friend. But unfortunately, these applications can function if your friends are also using Google Latitude.

Method 2:

You can simply get it from facebook. The way is you sign in to your facebook account.

After that, find out profile friends in the search field. But before you must be friends first with people that you want to know his phone number.

After heading to the profile page of the person you want to know his phone number, please click the "About" and you will see a variety of information about the people, one of them a cell phone number of that person.

But notes with such person does not set up his Facebook account into privacy.

Method 3:

The next tips to get your cell phone number from other people on facebook is to ask his number to his close friend. Indeed this way requires the courage to ask. If you have the courage, it doesn't hurt to try it.

Method 4: 

You can then use the application to get the phone number of your friend on facebook. You can use the application Greasemonkey, usually used on the browser Mozilla firefox. Please download and install the adds on Greasemonkey. If is already installed please checklist "enable" next to install and open this link Then open facebook, on the address bar and paste link Then you will find profiles of your friends and their phone number.

Method 5:

The last step is to get someone's phone number is by way of asking directly to the person you want to get her cell phone number. Same as in method # 3, you need to have the courage to ask for it. I think this way is the right way to get the phone number of another person on facebook. Because you will get it with the permission of the person.

So some tips that I can give to you to get the phone number of another person on facebook. Hopefully this article can help you and good luck.