How to Do Advanced People Search Facebook

If you are a newly signed up facebook, of course, the first step is to find a friend. For that, facebook already provides a search feature to find a person.

Actually for facebook itself is already designing the engine with sophisticated so if your location is in Indonesia for example in Jakarta then facebook gives recommend people on Semarang or location that is close to the city of Semarang.

There are more interesting on facebook that is if you've been friends with one of the people then facebook will advise their friends who you know that's how facebook works machine.

As for an accelerated and more relevant search results to facebook, you can search for friends based on location and schooling.

So search it would be easier if you've got a name like a city, organization, school, or group name. From my experience, many find old friends on facebook even though it's been split up long ago are now almost all my friends I can find on facebook. This is one interesting thing on facebook.

For those of you new to facebook there are some things you can do to start looking for friends, the following steps

Advanced Search on Facebook

Before I give the way for you to use this feature, I will give know you the lay of the feature of Advanced Search on Facebook. Its location is on the top, on the position of the left.

Method #1:

The first step that you can use namely type the name of the friend you want to search on the facebook search bar. If your friend has a name that is unique then it will make it easier for you to find your friends. Consider the image below.

You can click on " See all results for 'idma yuni' " to see more information of your friends.

Method #2:

Next, you can enter email addresses of your friends. Because if your friend using the email address you enter in the search field of facebook as the username of his Facebook account, it will pop up a friend who you mean. Consider the image below.

Attention: the way this will work if the person you mean, use "Public" in the contacts settings.

Method #3:

You can type "People who like ..." to get a new friend on facebook. So you will find friends who have in common with you, as the hobby, Favorites, etc. As an example consider the image below.

In the image above, you will see people who like football. To get more information, please click (See all results for "people who like soccer").

Method #4:

You can use your friend's name to guessing the address your friend's facebook profile. The following URL format of a facebook profile.
Try look at the pictures below

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I hope this article about facebook advanced people search can help you and if you think this article helpful, please share this article with others.

Thank you and good luck!