How to Delete a Facebook Page | How to Deactivate Facebook Page

Social media is indeed very important for most people and can serve to do positive things. One of them is facebook. Now facebook has become such a staple in social interaction. Easy it is to create your account and operate it may be one of the choices most people using social media.

In addition to interacting social, facebook can also be used to publish information, market your products and others. In addition to our facebook account can create a personal account, we can also create a group or a page. If personal accounts owned by each individual. So different from the facebook page which can be managed by a lot of people as well as a group. Though relatively important, however, there are some people who choose to delete a facebook page.

Some of the reasons may be the reason for a person to delete or deactivate a facebook page or commonly known as the facebook fan page. The reason that these have many other pages, the page has indeed not relevant anymore or have grown tired of managing pages and want to focus on managing personal accounts or groups only. If you want to deactivate or delete your facebook page and do not know how to delete facebook page, then a bit of this article will be useful and could be a guide or tutorial for delete a facebook page.
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How do I delete my facebook page?

The following steps or how to delete a page on facebook then the trick is as follows:

How to Delete a Page You Created on Facebook

  • Sign in to facebook as a page (not a person/personal account),
  • Next, on your facebook page, click "Edit Page"
  • After that, select and click "Edit Settings"
how do i delete a facebook page
  • You will be taken to a page like a screenshot below.

how to delete my facebook page
  • Select and click "Manage Permissions"
  • Then look at the bottom, click on the "Delete Page: Delete .... "
  • Then will appear the pop up like the picture below

how to delete your facebook page
  • Please uncheck the "Unpublish this page"
  • Next click "Delete Page"
  • Next appearance will be like in the image below.
how to delete a page from facebook

Next, on page/TimeLine of your Fans Page will be there: "This page has not been published. Learn about unpublished pages and publish this page when you are ready."

So your facebook fans page before 14 days will be deactivated, if it is past 14 days your facebook fans page will be permanently deleted.