How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger

You may facebook messenger users that frequently to chat with friends, family, or colleagues. Everything communication you do in facebook messenger every day.

how to block someone on facebook messenger

But there may be some people who frequently send spam messages or send messages that bother you. Surely you are not comfortable with this.

What should you do?

The best way so that you don't get spam messages from someone is by way of the block of the person through facebook messenger.
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How can I block someone on facebook messenger?

Don't worry, I will guide you so that you know how to block someone on facebook messenger. The following steps you can do.

How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger

#1 Run Facebook Messenger application as usual, then tap users who want to be blocked on your contact list.

#2 Next, tap the icon (i) in the upper right.

#3 Then tap Block.

how to block facebook messages

#4 Next, tap the option Block all message for blocked contact.

#5 To open it again, done tap in the same place.

how to block someone on facebook messenger
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After the above procedure is performed, then the user will not be able to send messages to you.

In addition to the above way, if you wishes to unblock, you can also find a list of contacts that ever blocked and then open it from there.

#1 The steps, tap the menu tab of the "Profile" in the Messenger menu 

#2 And tap "People" menu. 

#3 After that, tap menu "Blocked People" and look for the user that you want to open the block from that list.

#4 Then tap Unblock.

how to unblock someone on facebook messenger

Contacts list that blocked also appear on the main application for Facebook. Therefore, if someone is blocked in there, then he will be blocked in  the contact list application Messenger.

By the way, someone who is blocked will not be able to send messages to any shape to our via Messenger, as well as finding our status in newsfeed the main application on Facebook.