How to Block Someone From a Facebook Page

This time I will be back sharing the tutorials are very useful for you. And I will give you a tutorial on how to block someone from facebook fanspage. Indeed we often see a follower in a facebook page or fanspage violated rules that we make at every fanspage us and it certainly makes we irritated.

But don't worry because I'll give how to block someone on facebook page.

People in your fanspage often share of things that aren't useful like commented roughly, spreading porn links, spam, fraud and much more negative things they did with facebook fanspage us.
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Here's the way you can use to block someone on your facebook page. So that your facebook page remains safe from everything negative from others. Of course this is also for good of your facebook fanspage.

How do i block someone from my facebook page?

  • Please sign in to your facebook account.
  • Next, go to your facebook fanspage.
  • Click the menu "Settings" which is on top of the cover photo from your facebook fanspage.

  • On the page "Settings" please a look at the sidebar. 
  • Click on “People and other Pages” option

  • On the page "People and other Pages" you'll see people who follow or like your facebook fanspage.

    Consider the image below.

  • Next, please click the small box "checklist" in the side a photo of a profile that you want to block.
  • Click the gear icon and you will see three options, please select and click "Ban From Page"

  • If you just want to make that person cannot receive notifications when there are the latest status on your facebook fanspage, then click "Remove From Page Likes"

That's a short tutorial about block someone from facebook page, I hope this article was helpful to you and can provide the solution to your problem, especially for your facebook page.

Good luck!