How to Block Game Invites Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media network today. Many people use facebook as a daily routine whether it's to chat or share status or photos with friends and family and also play games.

More than that, the current Facebook also became a market for advertisers and media companies. Many of those who tried to promote its products through Facebook.

Just like other firms, gaming companies also don't want to miss introducing its products via facebook, be it a game that uses the platform as android or iOS.

But the most annoying thing for any facebook users is a game invitation that sent by friends or automatically from an application.

Many games such as the percentage of love, and also Crush and much more. Usually each game provides some additional feature or point to send invitations to friends on facebook. And this is one of the strategies to increase the popularity of a product.
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For lovers of the game, maybe it is not a problem, but for people who don't want to play games on facebook is definitely going to be a little disturbed. For those who don't like to play games on facebook you can disable them by blocking an invitation Game Application on Facebook.

How to Block Games on Facebook

There are two ways that can be done to block the game invitation on Facebook. Here I will explain to you. And Follow one of the methods that you like or that you think it's easy to do.

Block game invites facebook android

  • Log in to your facebook account.
  • Next, tap the menu "More" that is in the top right corner of the screen of your android phone.

  • Next, select and tap the menu "Account Settings"
  • On the page "Settings" you will find a lot of the menu, please select and tap the menu "Apps"

  • Then headed to the Platform, on "Game Invite and App Notifications" select and tap "No"

If you want to block an invitation games on facebook through PC, please see the tutorial below.

Block game invites facebook android via PC

  • Go to your facebook account.
  • On your facebook home page, take a look at the sidebar on the left, please select and click "Games"
  • Next, select tab "Activity
  • Click at "Invitations"
  • If you want to block all gam, please click "Ignore All"
  • If you want to block certain games on the game you want to block, click the If you want to block everything, please click "Ignore All"
  • If you want to block certain games on the game you want to block, click the button "X" near button "Accept"

  • If you have already determined the games that you are going to block, it will appears  a notification, please click "block".
  • The next pop-up will appear, click "Confirm"

  • If appears the pop up "Block Successful" please click "Close"

That's two ways that you can use to block an invitation game on facebook. Now you won't be bothered again by excessive game invitation. Hopefully this article can help you, thank you and good luck.