How to Add Host to Facebook Event

Of course, if you are a host in the facebook event, you will be designing all plans on a facebook event that you handle. But to relieve you, certainly,  you can add another Member to be hosted on the facebook event.

But unfortunately, you do not know how to add host to facebook event. You don't need to worry because I will guide you.

Here I will give you a tutorial how to add a host on the facebook event. Please refer to the steps below.
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How to add host to facebook event 

  • Please log in to your facebook account.
  • At home page of your facebook account, Please click the menu event on the left side of your facebook home page.

  • Please select the event that you are going to add a host.
  • Click Hosting if you want to display event that only you as the host.

  • Click the menu "Edit" at the bottom of the photo of the event.

  • Next, pop up will appear, in the column "Hosts" enter the name of your facebook friend that you will add a host on your facebook event.
  • Will normally appear several users who have an account with the same name, select the account from the person that you will become as the host.
  • After that, click "Save"

Now you have the Co-Hosts on the facebook event that you have.

Hopefully, this article entitled How to Add Hosts to Facebook Event can be rewarding for you and can become reference material for you, good luck.