How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page

Fans page or facebook page is a great place to gather in the same interest, but the fans page is also good for admins who have a business online to promote the product.

Add admin or sysop new in facebook fans page can ease the task of you as an admin first because it can split a task if you have a great online store. In addition, an additional admin have functioned if there is a problem on the fans page like a second admin can not be expected to open it.

To remember is if you add an admin or new sysop of facebook fans page, select the person who is trusted because they will have the same authority with you. Who do not yet know how stride step notes below.
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How to Add Admin to Facebook Page

  • Log in to your facebook account and go to your facebook fans page, at under the label of favorite.

  • On your facebook fans page, please click the "Settings" located at the top of the cover photo from your facebook fans page.

  • On the page "Settings" Please click the "Page Roles" located under the General menu.
  • then enter the name of facebook account that will be added as admin, and having to become friends before it, please select the second admin role and "Save"
  • You will be asked to enter your facebook password If already filled out select "submit"

  • Complete!, now you have the new admin on your facebook fans page.

That's how to add admin to facebook page so you can complement between you as a main admin and the other people that newly appointed as admin additions.

Because you can't possibly work alone if the page that you handle already large and need a quick response to update postings that will make fans faithful followers page will await all the status page.