How Do I Know Who Is Following Me on Facebook

On this occasion, I will share a tutorial about facebook, which may already be in the know and perhaps no one knows, maybe including yourself. In accordance with the title of this article, I will give you a tutorial on how do you know who is following you on facebook.

You may be thinking, what are the advantages of having a follower on FB? The answer is quite simple, just maybe the level of popularity of a person, or even a friendship request up to a maximum limit of the full request friendship, so haven't or can't be confirmed, because it has exceeded the limit. And it could also exist which deliberately follow our activities or perhaps just simply create variations.
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Certainly, there will be a sense of pride if you have many followers, it means a lot of people want to know all your activities by knowing about your latest.

So you will feel like an artist or famous star who have a lot of fans. So even though you're not artists in the real world, you can be the artist in cyberspace. hehe

Can I see who is following me on facebook?

Yes, you can. Saya akan memandu anda how can you tell who is following you on facebook. Untuk lebih jelas silahkan ikuti langkah-langkah di bawah ini.

How can i see whos following me on facebook

You can do it with a few simple steps in your facebook account ...

1. Please log in to your facebook account.

2. Please go your facebook profile page.

3. However, you must enable the follow feature on your facebook account. You can activate it here.

4. After that, sign in to your facebook profile, please click on the "Friends"

5. Next, that you have to do is click the "More" menu as it was designated number 2 in the picture above.

6. Then select and click "Followers"

7. Then you will see the number of followers of your facebook account.

Consider the following image.

8. From there you will know who is following you on facebook.

Well, that's a bit of a trick or an easy way to how to check who follows you on facebook. Might be useful if there are people who always spying activity us when in facebook, and also many more functions.

Hopefully, the articles on "how do I know who is following me on facebook" can help you and can be a reference for you.