Facebook Profile Picture Size - How to Change Profile Picture on Facebook

I will discus one of the social networking that much sought namely Facebook. Social media on this one was a lot do the update with how it looks. First, Facebook has the look of a simple interface, but now has a modern look. In the new display, you can easily find the posting status beginning from the first to the last status. The new look also known as chronology or timeline.

In addition, you also get the convenience to change profile picture on Facebook account. When will replace profile photo, you will be faced with three options namely from photo collection, take photos, and upload photos. 

For the option "choose from photo collections", you can select a photo on your Facebook photo album. The next option is "Take photo", you can take photos using a webcam connected to your computer or laptop. A widely used option "Upload Photo", this option you directly upload a photo/image in your computer or laptop.

But before you change your profile picture, you must know the size of the photos it takes to your profile photo.

For more ideal, we use the size of the pixels. And the software used is quite familiar to our ears, that is Adobe Photoshop.

Here the size needed for the cover photo and photo facebook profile.

facebook profile photo size

for the size of cover photo facebook is: 851 x 315 pixels.
As for the size of the facebook profile photo is the 180 x 180 pixels.

If the photo that will you use not in accordance with the size above, you can use Adobe Photoshop. Here the way:

  • Open Adobe Photoshop application
  • Next click File > New or CTRL + N

facebook profile pic size
  • For photo cover, set size as shown below.

facebook profile picture dimensions

  • For size of facebook profile picture, set size as shown below.

facebook profile image size

If you've set the photo size that you will make a profile picture, the next step is to change your facebook profile photo.
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How do i change my profile picture on facebook?

  • Visit the website https://www.facebook.com/.
  • Log in to your facebook account.
  • Go to your facebook profile.
  • Point your cursor to your profile photo.
  • Next click "Edit Profile Picture"
  • Then will appear multiple options, please select as you want (Take Photo .../Upload Photo ...)

how to change your profile picture on facebook

How to change your Facebook profile picture on Android

  • Please open the facebook application on your mobile phone.
  • Then log in to your facebook account.
  • Next go to your profile page.
  • Tap on your profile photo.

how to change facebook profile picture

  • Then it will appear 2 options, select "Edit Profile Picture"

profile pictures for facebook
  • After that please select and tap the photo that you will use for your profile picture.
  • Then set the scale of a photo that you will make your profile photo.

how do you change your profile picture on facebook
  • After that, tap Done

Very easy, right? You can do so and I am sure you will not be confused and instantly successful due to the above tutorial, completed by pictures. Good luck!