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login facebook android

For those who want to know how to sign into facebook via your android phone, can directly login either using application and without application through facebook mobile version of the website located at the address m.facebook.com or can directly click the applications already installed on your android phone.

Then please enter your email or phone number and also your password or password then you guys can click Enter when successfully later you will directly enter home page of the facebook version the mobile .

At this time you will I show facebook mobile login page android could you guys do yourself easily and quickly.

before you can log in to FB, you have to already have a FB account if haven't please list while the registration process via the android, there are 2 ways you can do that is through mobile number or email address if I think for those who want to step the quickest please select only via the mobile phone number.

How to use Facebook Login in Android

In this guide, we have divided into few guidelines in order to be able to enter facebook on hp android but first, have you enable cellular data? If not immediately turn on in the settings menu of your mobile phone.

Most importantly you must be connected to the internet...

My blog will give you instructions with fitted the picture tutorial for the uninitiated, here are 3 steps you should do to be able to sign into facebook via hp android.

1. Login facebook in mobile browser

For those who do not install the facebook application version android mobile, you can directly go to facebook mobile version of IE:

Please open the usual browser you use to get online.

After that, enter m.facebook.com,  can be direct via the address bar or through the search engine google, bing and yahoo.

Login facebook in mobile browser
After you have successfully entered the facebook login welcome mobile, please enter your email or phone number is already registered on your account and then enter your password also make sure in putting it all is correct not to typo if already click Log In.

2. Login facebook in android app

For those who've installed facebook application please go to the FB applications that are on the menu of android mobile and enter your email address or mobile phone number and be sure to enter your password, then you can log into facebook via android applications.

Login facebook in android app

Indeed facebook application designed specifically for users of hp android made as easy as possible to enhance the convenience of users and I've tried to open facebook with android applications and the results can be opened without having to connect to the internet or cellular data.

3. Facebook login without password code

So that you do not enter a password at the time wanted to open facebook either using an application or without application, namely the way quite easily. I think all of you can do it yourself namely after you finish using the do not click the logout button.

So when you guys are already applying this trick then you will be able to go straight to facebook without requiring entering the email, phone number and a password which is the main requirement so that we can log into facebook but at this trick we could get through it all so open facebook it would be much easier and faster.

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That's 3 easy steps for you to do to sign in to facebook account. Hopefully this article was helpful to you.