Facebook Full Site Privacy Settings

You need to know how to set privacy on facebook, as more and more people are having problems with privacy in social media on this one. However Facebook already used billions of people, so you should understand how to properly set up your privacy.

So, in this occasion, I will guide you in your privacy settings on facebook. There are a few general settings you can do for your facebook privacy, such as changing the account name, password, change your facebook username, adds email or changes the main email, join the network and change the language in your facebook account.

To access the settings menu on your Fb account, then you need to go to the existing gear icon on the top-right corner of the page. Then select the "Account Settings"

facebook privacy settings guide

In this session I will discuss the General Settings section, so make sure you are in the menu "General"

custom privacy on facebook

To change the data that is on your facebook account, please select the data to be modified. You can click the Edit link that is on the right side of the data.

Facebook Privacy
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Facebook Account Name Change

This name will be the name that appears on facebook. If you want to change the name of your facebook account, you do not need to cancel your facebook account that you have registered with the previous name or create a new account. Because FB has provided facilities to replace the name of the facebook account.

how to change display name on facebook

Rename in accordance with your wishes, you can also fill up with the middle name if you have a middle name. If you've set it up please click "save changes"

Change Facebook Account Username

The actual username is optional, usually, fb will give your username by default based on the combination of your name. This username will be used as the URL for your facebook profile.

To be able to edit the username, FB will do verification I advance through your mobile phone number. Click the link "Verify via mobile phone"

change facebook profile username
Facebook asks for confirmation, you must enter the password your FB to continue this process. Please enter your mobile phone number and select your country code. Then click "Continue" or "Submit"

Please check the SMS sent by facebook which contains a confirmation code, enter the code in the field provided, then click "Confirm"

If the confirmation code you entered is correct, then the display will appear as shown below.

i want to change my facebook username

In this dialog box, you can set up your mobile phone number, may be displayed in public, only seen by friends or only seen by you only. Choose as per your liking and click on "Save settings"

If you are prompted to enter a password, then re-enter your password before saving changes setting.

Back to the "Account Settings" page, please refresh the page to the section on setting the username if you click "Edit" appears as shown below.

Type the username there is want, then see if that username is already in use by someone else. If the username is available then there will be an inscription "the Username is available" in the username box to the right. This username will be replacing FB email address and address to access your FB profile.

Enter your password and click "Save changes"

Facebook Email Change Setting

You can change the email address on your facebook or you want to add the email address on your facebook. You just need to click the "Edit" button on the row on row settings of the Email.

Click link: Add another email

Enter your password and click "Save changes"

You will be asked to confirm your email address by clicking the confirmation link that is in the emails sent by facebook.

Password Change Settings

To change your password, you only need to click "Edit" on the line Password. Type your current password in the "Current" and then enter your new password twice in the "New" and "Re-Type New" and then click "Save changes" to save your newly created password.

Join the Network

This part is explained in particular by its own topic.

Language Change Settings

You can change the language on facebook, which early on facebook language is usually English. Click the "Edit" menu on the shift line "Language" on the option "Choose Primary" Please replace with the language you want. Then click on "Save change"

So I am writing this article, may be useful for you, thank you and good luck.