Facebook Fast Delete Messages - Can You Delete a Message on Facebook?

Can you delete a message on facebook - Some days I get a lot of SPAM messages from other people, I thought to delete the messages. However really tiring if I should remove one by one the messages.
delete messages from facebook

Then I'm looking for a solution to be able to delete the messages quickly. And finally, I get the way that I can use to remove messages in my facebook account quickly.

Now I want to share this way to the people, that ye may have also helped in this way.

If you want to also delete messages on your facebook account quickly, please follow the steps below.

Delete messages from facebook quickly

This way I do use Chrome browser. So before, you must install extensions Facebook Fast Delete Messages on the Chrome browser in your computer.

1. Open the chrome browser on your computer.

2. The next step is adding extensions Facebook Fast Delete Messages in the browser chrome. For those of you who want to add extensions Facebook Fast Delete Messages, can click here.

facebook fast delete messages

3. Next, you will be taken to a page of Facebook extensions Fast Delete Messages, please click the "ADD TO CHROME"

4. If the extension is already installed in your chrome browser, please log in to your facebook account.

5. After that go to the message menu on the left side of the page.

6. After that the "Delete All".

However before, you must enable extension Facebook Fast Delete Messages.

Now you can delete a message on facebook quickly.
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But in addition, if you want to delete the messages manually, you can follow the steps below.

1. this step is done if you want to remove a particular message only. If you are ready to use it, please log in to your facebook account.

2. On the home page of your facebook account. click Messages.

3. After you select the message you want to delete, and then click menu "Actions" or icon gear.

how do i delete a message on facebook

4. Next, select and click "Delete Messages"

5. After that, check the message that you will remove,

6. Next, click Delete.

I hope with two tutorials on how do you delete messages from facebook, can help you and you can make this article as reference material for you.