Easy Ways to Add Link to Facebook Post

You definitely ever seen a status on facebook with the Blue word contains a link, when you click the Word then you will be taken to a new page, be it a website or to the other a page.

The blue word contains URL links that will direct you to a page of the site or page someone's facebook profile.

Usually, we see the blue word in an article on your website or blog. But you can also make it or add a link on your facebook status.

Can I add a link on my facebook posts?

Of course, I will guide you to add links on the facebook post either a link to a blog post or a word that you enter the link in it, so that when you click on the word, you will be taken to the URL of the page.
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If you want to add a link to my facebook post, please follow the steps below.

How to add link facebook post

Method #1:

The first way namely inserting a link on the name of a friend on facebook. So the name of the friend that you tag on your postings will be blue.

So when you click on the name then you will be taken to a profile page of your friend that you tag his name in your status. The way is very easy, you only need to type the "@" before the name of your friend.

For example, I type "@wil" it will pop up a few names of people who have early name Wil, please select the name of your friend. Then the result when posted become "I recommend Willie Crawford"

Method #2:

You can use the code @@ [0: [ID Code:0: The Coolest Tech Writer On The Planet]], please replace the ID code with the ID of your facebook profile. For example please see picture below.
Then after the post is going to be like the image below.

Method #3:

The next way namely Add link posting of a website. So the way this is done when you want to share a link from a specific website into your status.

The way is easy enough namely by going to want you to share your status. After that copy the link in the address bar. Just look at the example below.

Then paste on your facebook status column. For more details please see the image below.

After that click "Post" then the results like the image below.

That's a couple of ways that you can use to add a link to the facebook post, hopefully this article can help you. Thank you.