Does Facebook Own Instagram?

Before my blog answer this question, I will first review about Instagram...

In this day, technology is increasingly sophisticated. It is seen also by the growing number of new applications are popping up, and one that caught my attention is Instagram app. Maybe for now it's almost an average youngster has had its accounts Instagram, whether it's used for posting and may also only used to see photos of people.

The presence of a high-quality camera on the smartphone makes a lot of people have a new fun activity. People will simply take pictures wherever and whenever using this smartphone camera. And usually after taking a picture, that person can't wait again to show off.

And finally, the photos uploaded to social media to Instagram. The main choice indeed Instagram young kids now for posting pictures of activities that they are doing.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo sharing application that lets users take a photo, apply digital filters, and distributed them to various social networking services, including property Instagram himself.

One unique feature on the Instagram photo is cut into a square shape, so it looks like the Kodak Instamatic camera results and polaroid. This contrasts with an aspect ratio of 4:3 which is commonly used by the camera on the mobile device.

When was instagram created?

Originally, Kevin and Mike creates mobile applications web called Burbn. These applications have a feature like a check-in location, users will get points in these applications every time they check-in while hanging out with friends, post photos, and more.

But, because of the features within the application Burbn too much, they create new applications more simple namely Instagram. If the former application has many features, Kevin and Mike accidentally makes Instagram with only 3 kinds of features, namely post photos, comments and the like. So, no need to bother Instagram users or confused to using this social media.

Instagram name is taken from the word "insta" which comes from the word "instant". Instant said is also taken from the workings of the Polaroid camera produces photos instantly. Hence, the epitome of a Polaroid camera like Instagram. While "grams", taken from the word "telegram" which means how it works transmit information quickly.

History of Instagram

Burbn Inc. company founded in the year 2010 is a startup technology companies just focused on application development for mobile phones. At first, the company was focusing too much on in HTML 5 mobile device, however, But Kevin and Mike Krieger as the CEO of the company decided to focus on one thing only.

For a week they continued to try to make a good idea, and in the end, they made the first version of Burbn, but on this first version still has many flaws and there are still several things that haven't been perfect.

The final version of an already Burbn can run on the iPhone, but its contents are still too many features. But Kevin and Mike Krieger felt difficulties to reduce existing features.

 And finally, they started it from scratch again focused on the photos section, comments and the ability to like a photograph. And this is what eventually became Instagram.

Instagram is composed of two words "Insta" and "Grams". The word "Insta" comes from the word "instant" meaning that Instagram this displays the photos instantly, like a polaroid in appearance. While the word "Gram" is derived from the word "Telegram" means having a way to transmit information to other people quickly.

On Instagram, we can upload photos using the internet so that the information presented can be accepted quickly.

Facebook to Buy Instagram 

Because Instagram progression which is very unusual and has been accessed by a lot of people in the world, finally on 9 April 2012 Instagram taken over by facebook with a value of nearly $1 billion in cash and stock.
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Once the application can only be downloaded Instagram from the App Store, but along with the development of this app Instagram finally present in the Play Store and of course android users have been able to use the app Instagram. After a year of launch, Instagram users more and more even has reached 10 million users.