Cant Log Out of Facebook - How Do I Log Out?

Currently, Facebook is becoming the social networking giant that has many users in throughout the world. Even facebook users come from all walks of life. Facebook is indeed giving the experience of socializing that is appealing to its users.

Facebook users can communicate with anyone and anywhere without meeting directly with other facebook users. It is to be one of the causes of facebook has a lot of users.

But with the multitude of conveniences provided, there are a few things that make facebook users confused. One cannot log out of facebook.

The above issue can occur because the internet connection you are using is slow, or you can't find the logout button. As we know to log out of facebook you have to do are:

Click the icon a triangle upside down, then select and click "Log Out" like the image below.

If you can't find the button "Log Out" Please do this:

  1. Go to your browser settings.
  2. After that select "Tools" and select "Clear Private" you must make sure "checkbox on the cookies and authenticated sessions".
  3. Next click "Clear Private Data"
  4. Grant checklist on Browsing History, saved from and search history, cache, cookies, authenticated session.

The above step is done aims to remove the existing cache in your browser.
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What do I do if I cannot log out of facebook? 

If you can't get out of the facebook account because of a slow internet connection, then that you have to do is find out what the cause of the internet connection that you are using be slow. The following review:

Slow internet connection is in your place

This problem often occurs to many people, which causes slow internet.

The internet connection being down

This is common when the original network you use 3G but was changed to the edge that makes to the slow internet so you can't sign out of your facebook account.

Facebook is being Maintenance

Although facebook is the social networking that has many features, but facebook also can not be separated from error, so if that is the case, please wait until facebook itself that fix it.

Internet quota exhausted

This happens in the community, you usually will not be aware that your internet quota is exhausted.

From some of the above description, now all you need is a solution so that you can log out from your facebook account. The following steps:

  1. Frequently check the rest of the quota the internet you use.
  2. Clear the cache in the browser so that the Junk-junk files that exist in the browser you erased.
  3. Please log back in, in a way out of the browser for a while, and then went back to the browser to log in back to your facebook account.

Hope the above tips could help you and can become reference material for you.