Can t Log Into My Facebook Account, Why?

You've probably experienced could not log in to your facebook account or have been asked by your friends about solutions if they can not log in to their facebook account.

And you can't answer that question directly, until finally you find this article. So this article I created to help you who can't log in to your facebook account.

Before I give a tutorial about can not log in on facebook, I will tell the cause of your facebook account can not be opened. The following explanation.

The Cause Could Can t Sign Into Facebook

  1. Forgot your username or password to your Facebook account.
  2. Email address or password is invalid.
  3. Your Facebook account is being blocked.
  4. Problem on the browser you are using.
  5. Facebook account disabled.

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Tips to Avoid Any Problems When Logging in to Facebook

To avoid any problems when logging in to Facebook, here are some tips that you can do:

Make Sure That You Use Unique Passwords

As I explained earlier, we recommend that you create a password that is unique and easy to remember, so to avoid that you forget your password or your password from your facebook account hacked by other people who cause you can not log in to your facebook account.

Make sure the Email and Password you entered is Correct

One of the tips, when you try to sign into a facebook account, is making sure that you enter the correct email and password. If the email you entered is incorrect, certainly will not be able to get into Facebook. Similarly, if the password you entered is incorrect.

It could be that the password you entered is correct, only a combination of lowercase and uppercase. Then make sure you check if caps lock is on or off. Note well what you typed in the password field because it's sensitive.

Use HTTPS Connection

You may not think your Facebook account could be blocked at your place to access your Facebook account. If this happens, you can't see the login screen. The solution is to use https connection. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you are encouraged to install the HTTPS Everywhere extension. While if you're using Google Chrome, you are advised to install the Facebook Secure Connection. In addition, you can also try to clear all the cookies in your browser and other files in the cache.

Confirm The Location Of The Facebook Access

Login problems can also occur if you access your Facebook account and try to log in from a location that is not familiar. then do not be surprised when Facebook decided to deactivate your Facebook account because Facebook thinks that try to access your Facebook account is a hacker. Make sure you confirm that that is trying to access the Facebook account is really you by doing things that are requested by Facebook.

Make Sure Your Facebook Password Secure

Other important tips don't ever give your facebook login information to anyone in order to avoid leaking of this information to Parties not responsible. 

Hopefully, the above information could give enlightenment to you, why your facebook inaccessible. So you will avoid the cause could not log in to your facebook account.