Can I Have Messenger Without Facebook?

We usually use a facebook messenger to facilitate us in chat on facebook. So facebook messenger be the way alternative and practical to be able to chat on facebook.

So we don't need to unlock or log in to our facebook account to can chatting. But as we know, we usually synchronize the facebook  messenger application  with our facebook account. After that, you can chat with your facebook friends.

"Can I Have Messenger Without Facebook?"

To answer the above question, of course answer "yes, you can". Currently you can use the facebook messenger without using a facebook account.

"How do I?"

We need to use your phone number to be able to log in to facebook messenger. And of course you can chat with your friends who have a facebook account.

Initially this way can only be used by users of facebook messenger in the United States. But now this feature can be used by users of facebook messenger worldwide.

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Of course, it's become things of interest to users of facebook messenger because they can chat with friends on facebook without having a facebook account before it. Although this way has limitations.

How to use messenger without facebook

  • If before, you are already using application fecebook messenger by using your facebook account, then first that you must do namely log out messenger facebook application.
  • After you log out of the application of the existing facebook messenger on your mobile. Open or log in to your facebook messenger application again. But do not use your facebook account.
  • Please select and click "NOT ON FACEBOOK?"
  • Next you will be taken to the next page as shown below.

  • You have to sign up for facebook messenger with just a phone number.
  • Enter your mobile number, then click "CONTINUE"
  • Wait until there is a SMS from facebook messenger go to your inbox.
  • Please note the verification code in the SMS it.
  • Enter the code in the column provided.

If you have successfully signed in, you can synchronize the facebook messenger application towith your mobile phone, usually when there is contact on your cell phone that has a facebook account, it will immediately appear in the chat of facebook messenger.

If you want to add a friend on facebook messenger in a way their invite. Enter the cell phone number of your friend, but this way is not possible if your friend don't include your phone number on his Facebook account. Or he doesn't set the phone number on his facebook I in a State of "Public" or to use the setting "Only me" So that could see his mobile phone number only himself.

That's the drawback if you use your mobile phone number when signing up to a facebook messenger ...

Hopefully this tutorial can help you and be your reference materials. If you want to use this tutorial, please try this tutorial.