Blocking People on Facebook | How to Block Someone From Facebook

The social network Facebook is the number #1 in Indonesia that its users are already more than 175 million worldwide, and was the No. 3 most frequently sites opened by the internet users in Indonesia.

One of the problems of social networks is the lack of privacy in our activities there. Probably because of something You want to restrict certain things only for some people. Or are you bothered by someone who keeps bothering you on facebook.

So we as the owner of facebook are not comfortable using facebook to communicate with other friends. But just because some people who disturb you leave facebook and disconnect communications to many friends on facebook.

Facebook is indeed fantastic in the provision of facilities and features a wide range to us its users included in the issue of privacy.
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So if you include people who have had problems such as the problem above, please try the way I will present now. Here's how to block a friend on facebook.

How do I block somebody on facebook?

  • The first step you have to do is log in to your facebook account.
  • Click the triangle icon that is in the top right corner of your facebook page.
  • Next, click "Settings"
Consider the image below.

how to block friends list on facebook
  • On the page "Settings" you will see a lot of the menu, please select and click on "Blocking"
how to block friends on facebook

Consider the image below.
  • Consider the part "Blocked users"
  • Enter the name account facebook of your friend that you will block.
  • Then, click the "Block"
how to block people on facebook
  • Next you'll see some users who have names similar to the names of your friend.
  • Select your account from your facebook friend.
  • Then, click the "Block"
blocking people on facebook
  • Furthermore it will appear a pop-up that asks you to verify that you are sure to block a friend there.
  • If you are sure, click "Block ..."
how to block someone from facebook
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In addition to the above, you can also block someone through the profiles of friends that you will block. The following the steps:

How do you block your friends list on facebook via their profile?

  • Please go to the page facebook profile of your friend.
  • Click the "More" menu icon that is on the bottom of the cover photo of your facebook friend.
  • Then click "Block"

how to block a friend on facebook

Then will come the pop up as shown below.
  • Please, click "Confirm"

how do i block somebody on facebook

Up here, you have managed to follow how to block a person on facebook.

So you already can blocking someone on facebook by using the two ways above, hopefully this tutorial can help you.