Best Day and Time to Post on Facebook

Since Facebook is growing in Indonesia several years ago, the business world gets increasingly crowded with businessmen who make use of Facebook. Through their accounts, a variety of products goods and services are offered to people who are active in the virtual world.

best times to post on facebook

Various stories about business success spilled over on Facebook. Social media on this one later became the mainstay for entrepreneurs to advertise their products.

To better succeed in their business, a variety of routine postings posted as part of their business strategy. Maybe most of us think in simple terms.

"The more often we post, more and more people know. But is it so? "

Apparently not always so. When you post, the more often it means that you are only communicating in one direction only. You like to throw the bait by default somewhere. The ideal thing you should do is manage your potential market.

No one can find a definite formula to maximize the marketing function in the use of Facebook. However, I will share to you reserved the right time to post your ads on Facebook. That will we write this is not a formula for sure like the natural sciences, but the results are indeed obtained from the research of Facebook users. Thus this tips.

Best Time of Day to Post on Facebook

We certainly have heard of "market timing" in the industrialized world. The phrase roughly discussing the behavior of people (the market) at certain times we can make to improve our effectiveness in advertising. So also in the world of social media, we should be aware that there are certain times that we can use for the post.

This knowledge has got by big businessmen, especially in the United States. They've been studying the moment where the users of Facebook are crowded and the downs.

Companies who need information on this problem, of course, is mostly online companies that operate for 24 hours. Multiple time zones you need to know is the following:

  • The average value of most high click occurred at about 13:00 until 16:00 every day. According to existing data, the highest peaks happened on Thursday at about 3 pm.
  • While the worst time to post something on Facebook is before 8 am and after 8 pm on weekends.
  • The addition of photos in your postings is proven to increase the mark ' Like ' as much as 50 percent and doubling the number of comments below the posts your ad.

How about a description of the time zone?

best times to post on facebook
Here's the explanation. At 13.00 noon is the time that is most appropriate for you to post your ad. The assumption is that time is after the lunch hour for employees. The men were in a good mood at this time. Though their mood was not good and was reluctant to read details about the advertisement at front them, it is likely they tell it to their friends in the same room.

Because you are getting the most clicks on Wednesday, do not count users who clicked on Thursday and Friday. A person usually takes 12 to 24 hours to ' warm up ' in order to find out what you advertise. This has been researched and proved that during the period from Monday to Wednesday was indeed an increase in up to seven percent.

Then, how can we make use of that knowledge to maximize our strategy? The most likely way is you make interesting postings, latest, just after the lunch hour.

The assumption is after lunch, people will not immediately resume their work in the morning. They will tend to down the food in advance while remaining in front of the computer. The greatest likelihood is they opening entertainment, one of them is Facebook before they resume later. This is a momentum that is ideal for you to enter the content for your marketing.

What if there is an exciting new product and it that came on the weekend?

Actually, it does not matter if you post them directly on weekends, but that there are two risks. The first risk is not many people open Facebook at the weekend. That is, you read the posting opportunities are small.

The second risk is on Monday later, a person opens the timeline of Facebook, posting your ad already accumulated by the posting-posting to another. That is, just the same, the chances of your ad read too little. Then the most ideal is to wait until the time is right to post.
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Well, now try starting your evaluation, are you have used the right time to post your ads on Facebook?

If not, then this is the right moment to change the schedule and raise the level of knowledge of the market your products, which will increase sales of your own. The nature of the internet 24 hours doesn't mean you could post at anytime and get the same effectiveness.

Do not bombard your Facebook friends also with the posting of advertising overload. Instead of interest, they could be quite fed up then cut off friendship in Facebook.