Average Number of Facebook Friends

The increasing popularity of social networking sites in the world, Facebook, the massive number of Facebook users, and the youngest millionaires is the CEO of Facebook, is some astounding Facebook facts from circulating in the virtual realm at this time.

Average Number of Facebook Friends

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Please note some facts about user facebook and the average number of friends on facebook.
  1. 1 of 13 people in the world currently has a Facebook account. More than half the log in each day.
  2. An average of 8 friend request submitted by a user of Facebook each month.
  3. 27% of Facebook users are not showing the status of their relationship.
  4. 42% of men and 63% of women admitted using Facebook to look for a former lover.
  5. Oldest Facebook user was 104 years old. She is Lilian Lowe who came from Wales.
  6. The average Facebook user have 130 friends. How many friends that you have on Facebook? According to the official statistics data facebook page, on average one person has 130 friends. From these data also revealed that people spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook, as well as the number of active users exceed the number 500 million.
  7. 35 million people changed his Facebook status every day.
  8. 38 million users Facebook visit the page ' Texas HoldEm Poker ' every month.
  9. Currently, about 400 million people "log in" to their facebook at least once a month. 50% of them even every day to log into facebook.
  10. Half of the population of Denmark has an active facebook account. (about 2,421,380 people from 5,484,723 total population).
  11. 39% of the adults on Facebook have between 1 and 100 friends on Facebook.
  12. 23% have between 101-250 friends
  13. 20% between 251-500 friends
  14. 15% have more than 500 friends
  15. Last year Facebook users are predominantly women with a winning percentage of 10% compared to the male race. This year the number was down 4% but still place the womenfolk in respectable positions.

Current information:

"The interesting thing is that you can have 1,500 friends, but when you actually look at traffic on sites, you see people maintain the same circle of around 150 people that we observe in the real world"
The average number of friends on Facebook is 338, but the median is only about 200. That means the majority of people have a number of friends who are much higher, and they make an average of from it.
  • The number of facebook users daily reach 1.18 billion active users each day.
  • The average number of friends who owned by any facebook user in 2016 i.e. 155 friends.
  • The number of a monthly percentage of facebook users who use each day, i.e. 66% of monthly users of facebook using facebook each day.
  • If you ask a country that has the most active facebook users in the world, surely the answer is Canada.
  • The average number of facebook friends for men has 145 friends whereas the average number of facebook friends for women has 166 friends.

Hopefully, this article can add to your knowledge of facebook users. And perhaps you belong to facebook users. And hopefully can be a reference for you.